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SOA 花婿フェイト buffs [JP] 🌸


--From facebook---
[Talent 2]
- All Elemental Damage +20% → +30% (All Allies)
- While Hit Count is at 100 | 150, All Elemental Damage +30% | +40% → +40% | +50% (All Allies)

[Talent 4]
- ATK +15% → +20% (Self)
- DEF +25% → +30% (Self)

[Battle Skills]
- Blade of Fury : Multiplier x780% → x860%

[Rush Combo]
- Multiplier: ATK x4000% → x4500%

- ATK : 2,884 → 3,010
- DEF : 3,168 → 3,294

--End of facebook---

my account main and alt account🌸




花婿フェイト🌹💙 no healing accessories for him yet.

looking at the fate's and bridegroom fate and srf fate.🌸

now compare them with one another you can tell that original fate is very weak compared to
groom fate and srf fate.

the only thing that puts srf fate on top is his high HP but if you look at the pic
groom fate has a higher attack and def making groom fate at top of the 3 fates.

if you have a good weapon for groom fate he can do damage.

why did I put INT on original fate? For one original fate is not a tank I had a theory his rush was based on INT and attack and it did help a bit that why I always went with attack and INT for
fate win picking out a sword for him.

bridegroom fate and srf fate they can use attack gears if you have them now I'm using
def gears for srf fate on my alt to help srf fate def.

if you look at groom fate and srf fate and look at fate...fate awakening is...BAD.

that's why I never auto-battle win I'm fighting something really hard with using fate.

having groom fate and srf fate escort fate is pretty dame good they both can hold damage now.
as for the setup I'm using healing stacks so it will help all 3 of them.

being only a フェイト user looking at the right sword looking at the right accessories is a must.

the buff that bride reimi and groom fate got they need it. It got so bad that people was saying
that bride reimi was dead in the water. (thanks twitter fans can be...)

this bring back bride reimi and groom fate into play again I am seeing more of groom fate again
it good for the フェイト fans.

testing 花婿フェイト he is good he is someone you want to get if you are a 花婿フェイト fan.
for def and attack 花婿フェイト tops SRFフェイト using both of them is good also you can mix and match the party.

You can pair 花婿フェイト with the other bride characters go all out with a bride theme that's always fun. I might of done that if I wasn't a フェイト user *cough*.

unless they add a new フェイト a new alt this is going to be my setup for a long time I'm hoping they add sky prince フェイト that lost the voting he looked amazing but we don't know how long it will take them to make another version of フェイト again.

I did happen to find a all out Claude user on twitter who use nothing but 3 ver of Claude and I seen
people talk about how they are collecting Rena's and Reimi's fans are out there.

if you are a 花婿フェイト fan this is the time to get him win the rates are up.

now just to have 花婿フェイト on GL that is a dream my GL account will be very very happy.

May the RNG be with you win you pull for the bride characters and good luck.🌸
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