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SOA swimsuit [JP]


----From facebook---

[NEWS Coro #5]

— 2019 Summer Event —

Event「Summer Resort Scramble - Side A」& Pickup Gacha Duration:
18 July, 2019 (Thu) After MT ~ 22 August , 2019 (Thu) 13:59 JST

—— New Character: Mid-Summer Nel ——

Role: Defender (Ace)
Weapon Type: Scythe


Party Single Target Damage Up based on Hit Count
AP Consumption Reduced based on Hit Count
Triggers additional Hit when using Battle Skills

—— New Character : Mid-Summer Edge ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Axe

- Utilises the Expanded Charge Assault “Blindside Attacker” (Blindside A)
- ATK Damage Dealt Up when not in front of target
- Hit Count-based Talents. Hit Counter Duration Up.

—— Expanded Charge Assault ——

Special types of Charge Assaults out that trigger special effects.
First of which being「Blindside A」 which upon being triggered, will move the character behind the enemy before proceeding to attack.

※ Newer Charge Assaults to be released in the future as well.

[How to Trigger]

① Long-press a Short Range Skill and charge, just like you would a regular CA (skill will glow green if done correctly)

② Must be receiving incoming short range attack from the enemy you’re targeting

—— Mastery System ——

A system in which Mastery Talents, special talents like that of「Blindside A」, can be transferred over by characters who have such abilities, to characters who do not.


① Both “Master” and “Pupil” must be Lv70.
② Both “Master” and “Pupil” must be of the same Role (ie. Attacker)
③ Mastery Talent will be available for teaching
※ It will be noted as “MASTERY” in the Talent Details page.

—— Summer Step-Up Character Gacha ——

18 July, 2019 (Thu) After MT ~ 21 July , 2019 (Sun) 23:59 JST

- Step 1 will be Half Price! Step 2 onwards will guarantee one 5★ Character! The last step, Step 7, will guarantee either Mid-Summer Nel or Mid-Summer Edge!

※ Note that Mid-Summer Nel and Mid-Summer Edge will have their own separate pickup gacha

—— Weekend Limited Characters Pickup Gacha ——

20 July, 2019 (Sat) 00:00 JST ~ 21 July , 2019 (Sun) 23:59 JST

- Snowflake Rena, Holy Night Clair, Snowy Sky Ashton, SRF Fayt, SRF Sophia will be returning for a limited time!

—— Summer Campaign : Limited Item Sets——

18 July, 2019 (Thu):
「Summer Item Set」

Once per person
5★ Ace Character Ticket, Welch Special Oil etc.

25 July, 2019 (Thu):
「Special Summer Bag」

Three times per person.
Inclusive of the Marzelia Coin (Orange), which can be used in its respective Item Exchange to exchange for certain characters. Lineup of these characters will be announced separately

—— Gem Sale Bonus ——

18 July, 2019 (Thu) 00:00 JST ~ 25 July , 2019 (Thu) 23:59 JST

- Gifts to be sent to players who purchase Gem Packs within this period based on total cumulative amount spent!

[960円 and up]

5★ Ace Character Ticket

[2000円 and up]

Magical Thread x1

[3000円 and up]

Magical Hammer x1

[4800円 and up]

Magical Hammer x2

-----End of facebook---

Summer Nel and Summer Edge I'm going to pass on this one but wow looks like Summer Edge got a
tan and some people are saying summer edge looks like cliff?...maybe cliff body model?...

good luck on pulling for them may the RNG be with you.

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