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SOA "......" [GL]


anniversary time for joy and happiness or so we thought.


the radio silence is real for GL.

Was this the worse Anniversary ever? With no community leader at all for GL what will happen?

There was few times they tried do radio silence for JP that did not end good...
twitter was the way people voiced them on JP side the only few times they tried
Radio Silence win they had to apologize for something or win someone did something they was not supposed to and it ended up on twitter...

win rumors of poor management was going around twitter they did get some
backlash from people on twitter it taken them a long time to get out of that...
and JP out for blood has died down a bit but the scars remain.

the problem is for GL they have no community leader and that says a lot win the fan base
wants to contact it might be due to poor management like the same we saw on JP a few times ago.

Or they got people on the GL side who get paid to do this but don't care.

What you're thoughts on this? Are they slipping back into I don't care mod, or they doing something we don't know about again...unless someone says something on twitter?

and was the anniversary was everything you hoped it to be?


I'm very disappointed in them to me it feels like season 2 will come but...if they go with
JP and how they bring characters out...花婿フェイト next year?...T_T
if they go with brides in June all the time...if that happens will we get SRFフェイト before
花婿フェイト?...(Theory) they won't make us wait another year for 花婿フェイト right?

Remember now NO maid sophia until 花婿フェイト is out he is part of her story event.
who remembers maid sophia backlash on JP side?...I do...sadly to say.

The power level I saw it between SRFフェイト and 花婿フェイト since 花婿フェイト got a buff
he is a bit more powerful then SRFフェイト the only thing that makes SRFフェイト at top at
the moment is his high HP however 花婿フェイト still tops him out of other フェイト.

And since SRFフェイト has no story whatsoever it will be easy to drop him but the problem with
SRFフェイト he acts like...Edge if you don't mind him like that.

If you read SRFフェイト BIO it said he was around Edge all the time like 100% of time
SRFフェイト skills are pretty much Edge skills but upgraded.

Some of the lines that SRFフェイト says win you tap on him it feels like he acts more normal then フェイト acts like drawing on Shimada face in text books...

I have a feeling that SRFフェイト did not study much as フェイト did...SRFフェイト acts way
too much like edge.

As I said before SRFフェイト pretty much acts like Edge it's alright but...
not a Edge fan you will noticed it.

I do hope they bring out bridal reimi and groom fate for GL side soon but if no news comes up
in a few months we might have to wait longer for them.

So what do you think about all of this? Good bad and how was the anniversary?
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