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SOA Goodbye my dreams [GL]


with a sad heart

'It is with heavy heart that we will be concluding service for STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS as of Nov. 5, 2019 9:00 p.m. (PT) / Nov. 6, 2019 5:00 a.m. (UTC).'

Nov 5 is the last day this dream is dead...

~plays A Fleeting Dream Someday the Dream will End Final Fantasy X~

People was so positive but it was too late the dye was cast.

this is what happens win it's was too many F2P and no one spend money in this game
win this game first come out what happen it was the players who was saying this game
WAS 100% F2P and looks what happens.

I'm a bit upset sorry...and I'm sad...😢 my GL account will never see the light of day...T_T

The bad thing is people was farming farming gems never spending money they never got it back
thus no whales to support this game it fallen so deep.

I was saving money for 花婿フェイト my GL account will never see him that's so sad.
And the sad thing is I got $100 in Itunes cards today thinking something was coming up...
and this happens.

GL had a rough time it started with NO LB stones who remembers that?

It was JP side who thought there was a lot of whales over here on GL side that why they
reduced the LB stones they was thinking of BIG money but win fans protested and that fallen apart
they fallen from grace that was twitch and youtube the big youtubers stop playing this game
no one talked about it on twitch they lost the spotlight with there stupid move of removing
LB stones at the start win they brought this game over.

it was due to poor management and not enough hype to draw the big whales in this game
another problem was they lacked the talking with the community and they let their own game
die themselves.

Update-So Nox and Bluestacks won't work with this game, I was looking around and found I don't know if this works I was testing it with qoo-app and open qoo-app but installing SOA JP ver it did not finish it, if you can get
qoo-app on you're phone that might work...for iOS users you will have to make a Itunes JP account that how I play this game.

I'm so pissed and upset...and sad...even if this was my 3rd account my GL account it so sad.

So My main account are going to be over on JP side...time to think of spending gems and drawing
for characters I don't need support them I'll think about it.

What do you think? No season 2 no bridal reimi or groom fate/花婿フェイト...nothing this is sad.

I'm so upset and sad...omg...

the gems I had on my GL account time to spend them...T_T my poor poor poor...GL account....

time to say goodbye to my GL account and head to JP side...forever...😢
my GL account will never see what my JP has...I'm sorry.

I'm sorry....I'm....I'm sorry GL account...

reddit talk.
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