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SOA プロデューサーレター Vol.4 [JP]


That was fast no rest to heal my sad heart...T_T

本日「プロデューサーレター Vol.4」を掲載させていただきました。



Hello everyone.

"Producer Letter Vol.4" was published today.
Because a hot day continues, there are a lot of images this time.

Thank you. #アナムネシス


lots of goodies coming to JP this almost makes me...happy ugh...but I'm still sad about GL...

Thank you very much for reading to the end.
In addition to the contents introduced this time, we are preparing a fairly large-scale event as under development.
I'm excited to let you know soon, but i'm getting ready for the release around the fall with all the staff.

We also have weekly discussions with TriAce about the third anniversary of the next year and the plans for next year and beyond.
We discussed the contents of the class and the contents of EP3

The collaboration to be carried out next year or later is also being decided, and two developments are already about to begin.
We seem to be able to send a lot of impressions and surprises to everyone in the future.
It's thanks to all of you who are always playing Anamnesis. Thank you very much.

Tokyo exceeds 35 degrees every day. Be careful not to have heat stroke.

----part of the letter

looks like they was talking with Tri-Ace about what was going on...there main focus is JP
that why they cut ties with....GL to focus on I seeing this right?...

they are working hard on making that accessory how you can change characters and add stuff they are working on that very hard to make them proud like you want to make groom fate have white hair and add stuff to them that kind of stuff.

I wanted that long time ago but it looks like they improved of it from the last time we saw it.

It almost...makes me happy...BUT...I'm still mixed emotions about GL....

if you want to play this game jump to JP.

花婿フェイト with a different hair color....💙
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