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SOA Featured Weapons [JP]


--------From facebook----

—— Featured Weapons ——

5★ Greatsword :「Umbrella Blade・Twilight Serpent Eye」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +40%
While Hit Count is over 200, Critical Rate +50%
(LB5) While HP is at 100%, AP Recovery through Normal Attack +150%

5★ Dagger :「Evil Relic Swords・Gold Twins」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +40%
While HP is above 10% and at Long Range with Target, 90% chance to survive a fatal blow
(LB5) While User is 100% HP, Critical Rate Received +20% (All Enemies)

5★ One-Hand Sword :「Relic Sword of Malice」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +20%
While Hit Count is over 200, ATK Damage Dealt +50%
(LB3) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds

— Notes —

※ These Weapons will be added to the Permanent & Ticket Banners on 12 September, 2019 (Thu) After MT.

---end of facebook---

Now lets talk about weapons good dark elemental weapons.

good for One hand sword users if you have not gotten the ice sword from the Tales event.
this sword might be worth looking at if you are starting.

5★ One-Hand Sword :「Relic Sword of Malice」

Adds Dark Element to Attack & Dark Elemental Damage +20%
While Hit Count is over 200, ATK Damage Dealt +50%
(LB3) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds.

good for heals stack but you got to get that hit count up over 200 for ATK damage +50

So I got this sword for may main and my alt if you are a sword user this is a good sword
for the dark element and the heals recovers 10% every 3 seconds is good for heal stacks.

Relic Sword of Malice is a blue version of Fate sword is that a hint to a new alt fate?
I want to hope for it but I doubt it.

this sword works good with any sword user you are using right now I see it fitting
perfectly with fate since he had the red version of this sword as his weapon.

now if you are using bunny maria or even edge or fidel or claude this will be a good time to
start looking for elemental swords for them.

or find characters with duel elements like 2B or Fate I like using fate since he has duel
elements adding this dark sword original fate has now fire/light/dark I like to go with
weakness with the right elemental sword.

just play with characters that you like to me it looks like JP just plays with who they like
that very different from GL but JP love to stamp stamp and stamp.

I was not going to roll but win I saw that sword I had to get it I was saying
'Finally they added a dark sword how long?'

I am a fate main user so my party is around fate and his alts so looking forward to new
elemental swords coming out.

just have fun with this game if you are playing JP ver.

on twitter I seen a all claude JP party who just nothing but claude and I seen on twitter a all girl party who uses nothing but girls just use who you want and go.

I did pull for the new weapons I got both on my account I can post pics of them later.

May the RNG be with you pulling for the new weapons.

Blue ver of Fate sword.

Oh boy did they make me roll for them.

This setup or

This one.

Morning talk with groom fate...yes my main account Luna has got groom fate a lot.

Groom fate really wants to be you're wall paper you know it I'm thinking that Groom fate is even more clingy then the other 2 are.
it's either Fate or Groom Fate who fights over to be on screen to say good morning or hello for me it is. oddly enough SRF fate rarely gets on.

フェイト💖🌸  and 花婿フェイト💙🌹as for SRFフェイト💛🌼

for my Zero account this is my setup did not roll that much for Zero as long as I got that weapon.

Quote from twitter
"survey rank is an ominous number w"

the survey we just had in game...💭 makes me think who the most wanted character was. hmmm 🤔.
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