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SOA 【Special Report】 mysterious notice! [JP]


【特報】 艦長!大変です!謎の予告状が届きました! 現在情報の解析を行っており、判明した情報は特設ページや今週開催のTGS2019のステージで発表!ステージには素敵なゲストも登場! コラボ特設ページ⇒ TGS2019特設ページ⇒

【Special Report】 Captain! It's tough! I received a mysterious notice! We are currently analyzing the information, and the information we have found will be presented on a special page and on the stage of TGS2019 held this week. A wonderful guest appeared on the stage, too! Collaboration Special Page ⇒ TGS2019 Special Page ⇒

P5? Never saw that coming.

ペルソナ5 and アナムネシス never saw it coming.

now come on persona and star ocean ships are now starting. it's not P3 or P4 but this will do for now.

so who hyped for P5!?...

How is that going to work? Maybe a testing how sophia summons Efreet? How they will summon personas?

Now who will we get? Joker is one who will come with him? And what weapon will Joker have?

I was not e
xpecting this at all.

on twitter Lotus Juice just said "Tgs! Let me sing! Thank you very much"

P5 incoming with Lotus Juice and a Star Ocean crossover, Lotus Juice singing something from P5 and Star ocean omg please.

Now it drawing the people in this crossover will be good.

what do you think good or bad? P5 and SoA crossover.
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