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SOA P5Rコラボ情報 [JP]


#アナムネシス #P5R
[P5R collaboration information ③ ] Captain! New information has been found! It seems that characters will appear from "Persona 4"! In addition, this collaboration scenario is a story of atlus full cooperation! I'm curious what it is ...! Special site

Ahhh Souji Seta!...uh...Yu Narukami I was not ready for that...if they put Minato from P3 in this I will be very happy 💜

atlus full cooperation

【P5Rコラボ情報⑤】 新たなコラボキャラが判明!『ペルソナ3』からも登場! 明日のTGSスぺシャルステージで更なるコラボ情報が明らかに?ステージは15:40頃から予定!配信もありますが是非会場にお越し下さい! YouTube⇒ ニコ生⇒ #アナムネシス #P5R

For the story it going to be so persona story alright OMG. You want event story between Star Ocean and Persona this is it.
They added Minato now we got Souji and Minato as the other 2! 💜💜

So Yu a GS user defender?

Not only P5 now we have P4 with it's MC Yu coming in as well are you ready for this crossover?
now if they add the P3 MC Minato do you think they will or not? 🤔

I myself want to see P3 MC to be added he can go along with Yu as the other 2 we get.

or do you think they will add some other from P4? Naoto? Chie? Yukiko? Yosuke? Did not even think of Rise (sorry rise fans)

What do you think of this I myself want P3 MC to be added now.

For this boss it will a mix of Kamoshida and Adachi how about that? Or something from P4 and P5? (theory)

if they add P3 MC Minato he will be one hand sword user and will be attacker? Hmmm 🤔

what do you think of this good or bad or just more Persona?

The boss what do you think we will get?
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