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.Hack//Link 11.


Everyone I got some news once more!

Haseo has finally showed up in .Hack//Link all though I got theories on why Haseo thinks Kite is Azure Kite *Cough* I mean they put up a show on .Hack//Link page it shows Tsukasa running to What looks like Haseo fighting and beating up a lot of guys maybe he is rage? anyways I think Haseo sees a flash back of Azure Kite not Kite then he realized what they been trying to tell him And what is going to happen after that who knows... *Holds fan girl scream*
And it seems maybe .Hack//Link well become a book of it own or something since it hard to Find it now not even that big book that use to have it no longer make chap of it.

Haseo in link


So yeah it looks like Misunderstands are made or something another but I'm glade they are all Tougher now it taken a long time for them to meet one another that for sure!
But Haseo is sure upset this give me a Idea for my fic lol.

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