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ペルソナ5R大予習SP [JP]

MCに #アメザリ平井 ゲストに #えなこ を迎えて、ペルソナ5大好き実況者たちが熱く語りあうぜ!
#ペルソナ5あるある も発表されるから楽しみにしてくれよな!

艦長! 「ペルソナ5初心者向け公式生放送」が27日に配信されるそうです! コラボ情報も紹介されちゃうかも…!必見ですね! #アナムネシス #P5R

Captain! "Persona 5 official live broadcast for beginners" is likely to be delivered on the 27th Collaboration information may also be introduced It's a must see! #アナムネシス #P5R

----From facebook---
[Persona 5 Royal Beginner Livestream]
On 27 September (Fri) 20:00 JST, there will be a livestream for Persona 5 targeted towards newcomers to the series. There may possibly be information regarding the collab as well so don't miss out!
---End of facebook----

SOA and Persona crossover is coming.
In Rena voice "Are you ready?"
I hope you did not get baited by the maids that are now in the game 🎣.
Come on Minato and Souji I'm ready for you two. 🎲 I do have gems saved for them.

I'm ready for some crossover news. 💜
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