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Final Fantasy 13 Xbox360 ugh.

Hello everyone!

This is not about .Hack at all *Gasp* yeah moving on it about one game I was had my eyes on Too Bad Final Fantasy 13 is moving to the Xbox360 dame they lied to us saying it was going To Be On PS3 I fell sorry for the people who Per-order it from Amazon lucky for us Final Fantasy 13 Versus they say WELL stay on The PS3 so lets see I read that in the fine print on E3 on G4 Let hope to god that they say is true I SO want Final Fantasy 13 Versus I hate the Idea of Buying a Xbox360 but also sadly to say Star Ocean 4 is on the Xbox360 If I do I'm not too sure I well have enough after I buy the Scanner I Promised my Community really I got 3 Fav Slash Doujinshi and 2 more coming just now ordered well see maybe I can ask Ma and Pa to help me...
Dame all of this

The news that well hurt us all Final Fantasy 13 sold to Xbox360 I pray that later on they Well Bring it out on the PS3 my hope well be dashed as Xbox360 fans Rejoice sorry if you Angry Because you love this Idea thank you for listing to me.
Song by IOSYS you don't have to DL if you don't want to.


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