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SOA RT Campaign [JP]


【3周年大還元RTキャンペーン第3弾】 RTキャンペーン第3弾はこのツイートのRT数に応じてプレゼントが増加!最大5,555RT達成すると新キャラを抽選でプレゼント!〆切は11/25 AM11:59です!

[3rd anniversary large reduction RT campaign 3rd] RT Campaign 3rd presents increase according to the number of Rts of this tweet! If you achieve up to 5,555RT, you will receive a new character by lottery! The cut-off is 11/25 AM11:59!

if you have twitter now is the time to do the RT campaign 📣

RT campaign has now started 📣
Tags: #アナムネシス, anamnesis, campaign, character, get ready, info, japan time, jp, lottery, phone game, rt, soa, soa twitter, soa-news, social media, star ocean, star ocean anamnesis, tri-ace, twitter, twitter notes, twitter post

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