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Pokemon masters Steven.


I just started so I'm happy the same day I also got

I think he....O_O フェイト I'm going to do a post about that it was V-day after all. *Feels like フェイト is watching from the phone*

So the big topic on Pokemon masters is Steven if you go to reddit yes reddit you see a talk about Steven and the new event.

so the talk is about Steven and Wallace however on the outside it looks like Wallace and Steven.

to me it looks like

"Is Steven's Sync Move quote "That's why I like you so much" a reference to something? I don't remember that line but I also don't remember a lot of gen 3, and I'm trying to understand why it seems like Steven's about to kiss me every time he makes Metagross laser someone up the ass."

"in ORAS he says it to the player"

what esle happen on v-day?
in other news Serena is friendzoning again she was seeing Ash? Wait I did see a lot of fics about them.
So she moved on to this guy and now got friendzoning again. if you like Serena and want to know what she did after Ash.

the hints about Agatha and Professor Oak? I'll let you find out in Professor Oak story he has one go find out.

Pokemon masters really have it all a lot of people talk about Steven there was one talk about Serena I saw.

Omg Pokemon masters really? The fan base go wild Steven and Wallace being gay.
But what they don't see is Steven is gay for the player...O_O or not gay if you pick a girl.

Right now Steven is really good some people are saying he is OP I just started playing this game so I'll see.
Rumors are going around that Red is coming soon but we don't know.

If you like Pokemon and want to try Pokemon masters why not? I am still playing SOA JP but I'm also now playing Pokemon masters.

And yes RNG did give me Steven 5 times that says a lot win people on reddit are trying to get him.

I saw people on youtube talking about Steven and I had to give it a try. I think Steven looks cute 👀

No フェイト I did not forget about you 💙 I'm going to do a post what happen on V-day beside Pokemon masters.
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