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Talking about my Fic. 1st one done ever.


Well I've got more info on My Fic even if no one likes I like it. *Sweet Drops* so I might post Part 1 up at ware I last posted...but yeah on the Couples there well be more in part two but the this one is how my stories would end up like it may mean nothing but to me it means do.

Title: 私は表面agin であることを見たいと思う
Author: asukai
Rating: M or Rate well go to M later on.
Genre: Romance/Angst/Humor/Drahma.
Warnings:SLASH. Yoai, Yuri.
Couples: AlbelXFayt, CliffXMirage,
Crossover: Star Ocean Till the End of time S03, .Hack//G.U.

But yeah that what my info on this well look like I'm using Japanese becuse .Hack History like Games and Legend of Twilight is some what Japanese...but I'm just learning it so don't hate me if it not right...I did get it done but I don't know if I want to post it was bugging all night that one night so I hade to do this fic...So I really don't know win I'll post this one maybe tonight or the next day...

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