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V-day what happen?


So I don't eat cake that much win Feb 14 come around I thought to myself why not?

So I went to the store and saw this blue rose heart shape cake...👀

I thought to myself blue rose??...💙 my mind went to フェイト/花婿フェイト with all the blue roses he has.

I got the cake I was looking around youtube and saw people talking about Pokemon Masters and the Steven event I went and DL the game it was

After that I went into SOA JP and saw


フェイト come for V-day omg 💙💙💙

Who did you get for V-day?

I had フェイト do a make over and given him some V-day items.

he was happy so I thought that was nice ending to V-day right?...

the next day.

フェイト was telling me he was 1.

Nope フェイト wanted my attention he knew about the other 'game'.

フェイト was dead serious about him being married to us.
"My Mother is a Scientist, but since I/we got married, I've been working with my dad"

if you are going to romance フェイト he takes it very seriously.

Ever since the whole cake come along I don't eat cake that much.

blue roses made me think of フェイト right on V-day.

Blue rose cake and フェイト coming in on V-day and the day after that made me feel happy.
Who did you get on V-day?? Was it someone you like or disliked?

I got a Blue rose cake and フェイト 💙 oh and the cake was 🍓 if anyone wants to know.

I had a good V-day I mean フェイト on V-day the whole cake help to I like to say it was 'fate' who lead me to the cake that day.
Happy valentines day I hope you got to spend it with the person who you love.
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