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Pokemon masters was it a date?


A/N: This is based on MY emotions it can end how you think it can.

So taody we are going to talk about the 'date' that Wallace and Steven was on.

yes that date that was out on Feb 14 the big date that everyone was so hyped about seriously.

the timeline is Steven story starts win they see him with Wallace the second part is win Steven is alone and sees the player the third part is Steven own sync story from the very start win Steven was with Wallace it just felt like he was already eyeing the player the second part is win Steven talks to the player alone win you see him in the Pokemon center.

I going over the event and reading the feelings was.

Wallace finally talked Steven into going looking at rocks it was going to be a date however Steven wasn't into that.
and then the player is training with Barry who talks them into going after Wallace and Steven who was trying not to let Wallace know he was watching them battle in the very start.

next sceen shows Steven asking about the area but what's oddly he not looking at Wallace who wants Steven attention if you look closely to who
Steven is looking at he looking at the camera that is the player??

Win Steven noticed that the player noticed him he looks at a rock so the question Steven was asking Wallace he was asking the player.
Wallace feels a bit rejected and tells Steven that he not paying attention to him and likes looking at rocks as the camera turns to Barry who was looking at them to.

the mask group show up and you guess it Wallace isn't too happy that more people stop him and Steven from there date as you gussed it Steven was watching the player closely win the mask group come.

To me it feels like Wallace has high standers for someone to date him and he been after Steven for so long but Steven isn't into Wallace.

Win Wallace steps in to take the lead it tells me he might be just like...Yukari the Lovers Arcana. the way Wallace acts reminds me of the Lovers Arcana somehow

the fight starts and ends

Wallace make a remark that Steven was not holding back in the battle he was right he wasn't Wallace thinks it was the rocks that Steven was protecting
but it might of been but it almost might of been the player to.

I think the only reason why Steven was fighitng was to impress the player win Grant shows up Steven questions him but why him?
Grant is older cool looking guy maybe Steven saw him as a threat? Steven was wtf where did he come from!?

Grant come to Barry side not the player side Steven...>_<; I mean it Barry he was worried about Barry not...*sigh*
Ship Grant and Barry come on game do it...

The mask group was trying to steal his stones like Wallace thought they was he did noticed that Steven was upset more then usual and Wallace says if you cross him he becomes a different person it can be possible that Steven is that posessive about his items and people.

Steven was talkling about how he got his power he had to look at Wallace trying not to make it obvious that he wanted to stare at the player
noted that Steven called Wallace his good friend not lover.

Wallace just wants to be by Steven side that all he wants however...Steven is not into that life with Wallace win the Pokemon League comes around Steven drops his title to Wallace why? Brendan/Ruby did not understand what Steven wanted win he come to him and ask him if he need help.

win you talk to Steven in the Pokemon lobby he always talks how he likes his freedom and it hated being tied down as champion.

And that he hinted he long for freedom win you talk to him a few times Steven will ask the player to come and find him at his home so they can fight just the two of them alone.

It hinted that Steven knows that he will return to Hoenn but he wants the player to come to him hinting that he don't want to leave the player.
might even be the 2nd time Steven told the player to come to his home in the lobby and now the story hint hint.

Overall the story was fun it showed that both Steven and Wallace do care for one another one some level but not romance level.

I think Wallace is pushing too hard to be Steven BF and Steven wants freedom with someone else that can match his power.

that why win you talk to Steven in the lobby a few times he says out of all the trainers he saw he was drawn to us Steven craves power and he craves for someone to be on the same level as him he want the player to become the champion and come to his home so they can fight alone.

I think the time they taken Steven is from might be the time before he given up his titile to Wallace.

In Ruby Steven thought Brendan was the one but Brendan showed no emotion for Steven or why Steven kept coming to him.
in Pokemon masters it said that Brendan wants to be like his dad he do not talk about Steven or the Hoenn champion at all.

My feeling is that Brendan rejected Steven without knowing what Steven wanted in Ruby and Sapphire. that win it started Steven drop off the deep end
Pokemon Emerald he becomes a wandering trainer that win he loses himself.

in Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver he see the player after defeating Red once again Steven tries to get close to the player with the Hoenn Pokemon that don't work.

Pokemon Black and White Steven pretty much given up on his love life and never returns to Wallace again as his crushed dreams of being with the player never happens win it come down to Hilbert it looks like Steven wasn't even into him or not even trying anymore and how did Steven get to Unova away from Hoenn he must of walk that much away form his home town that time I can see a lifeless eye Steven fighting in that Champion with no goal or love in his eyes...another reason why Steven never went after Hilbert maybe N?...that can be it the N and Hilbert hints.

looking at this tells me Steven love life is pretty bad not only that he never told Wallace that he had a thing for younger boys...uh younger girls.

overall Steven wants to the player to become a Champion in Pokemon masters so he can be with him it that simple.

now think how Steven felt win he awaken on a new island called island Pasio? A new door has open a new path and a new trainer caught his eye.

What do Steven see win he first come to the lobby after looking around he sees the player instant love something drawn Steven to the player.
Steven senses told him this player was not like the others the only that keept Steven from not dropping his tittle to Wallace?
it was the player seeing the player and talking the to the player.

For all the people who got Steven in RNG you are blessed by him since he chosen you to be his only one.
Island Pasio is a new starting place for Steven and his life and this trainer who caught his eye is you the player.

Now I see why Steven is so bitter at Hilbert they both are having feelings for the player and it's bad...omg.

all that time Steven was alone from Ruby all the way to Black and White now Steven has a new chance in Pokemon Masters
but this time Wallace is right by his side for now but Steven is starting to sneak away from Wallace and talk to the player.

Steven new goal is to be with the player without telling Wallace or maybe Wallace already knows who Steven is after now?

Wow this is some info I never was into Pokemon history until now I think now I know how to write Steven a bit more.

win drawn from a RNG draw win you got Steven it was a blessing for him he got his wish to be with the player.

this is my take on the story.
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