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.Hack//Link Update:Kero Kero Ace Vol.09

Hello everyone!

AS you well aware that Kero Kero Ace Vol.09 is now out that means Haseo well be in this One So Fair off there Web Sight they updated it might be hinted that Tokio as some other Special Powers that Saika Amagi has not tell him about (I swore they said her name was Ayeka...before)
But he sees a Memory of Haseo past I think that how it look like so there is a little fact That Azure Kite might not show up but only in Memories since here look.

In town.

I think they are looking for Haseo in root Town.

Haseo saves him.
PKers try and PK Tokio but Haseo saves him by beating them up.

*Cough* if you are going to try and hit on Haseo do it a other way then staring at him lol. JK it looks like Tokio is now seeing Memories or Haseo him safe is lost in them.

I assume this Well be part of Kero Kero Ace Vol.09 Issue if not it might TBC in part 10 Win they bring it out that what they did with Tsukasa story now it makes me wonder how many More Issues it well take before Haseo and Tsukasa helps Tokio free Kite from being a Frozen Ice cube to be honest it would make a Good PS3 game if you ask me I just hope they don't Jump Ship like FF13 and Star Ocean 4 did to the XBox360 I don't have one yet But I'm Planing on buying one with that Scanner I Promised I'm getting off the Topic here sorry about that my mistake but yeah this topic is updated for now.

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