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Pokemon masters Paulo who?


What do you think of Paulo?

Devs frogot about him we forgot about him

I watch some youtube video how he acts...omg he acting like a rejected BF of the MC...

Paulo is not going to be happy win he sees my MC being flirted with by Steven 😆😍

It would be like
"The first day we met I been waiting for you to say 'oh your amazing paulo!' 'I want to be your sync partner!'" Paulo
"Are you listing to me!?" Paulo
"Uh not really who are you again?" Hikaru
"What!?" Paulo
"If you asking I already have a sync partner oh Steven just set me a text I'll see you later" Hikaru says ignoring Paulo look
"What!?" Paulo ask as he *dies* from rejection and friend zone by the MC

I feel like it not that Paulo wants to beat the MC I feel like he wants to be noticed and loved by the MC who rejected him.

this rival between Paulo and MC was not done right at all the devs and the players forgot about Paulo at this rate I think Paulo might become evil.

And to try and get the MC to look at him right now Paulo is 🧂 he wants to be noticed by the MC that bad it's sad.

if you ask me I don't like Paulo he not anyone type sadly to say if Paulo was done right they might of ended like Red and Blue but since Paulo is not like that everyone forgot about him our MC is getting a new rival.

Paulo the rival that no one remembered I hope Paulo finds someone else to love that is not our MC.
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