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Pokemon masters more talk


You can get more talk from Steven O_O

this is of my feelings and my emotions thank you.
Note-  they just added more dialogue what he says has nothing to do with the story...>_<; oh man I got all hyped over this.

Steven just ask you to come to HIS home I wanted to get more talk after this but I went and got gems and my game crashed and I got a error I sent in a bug report this made me 😢 I wanted to know what he said after this

okay this one made me O_O at this I just went and fought Iris and this is what Steven said right after that.

Steven reacts to whatever you said in the story! or what your MC said. like I said I wanted to help Lear at that time he brush my MC off and said he did not need anyone.
for a moment this feeling I got from Steven told me he was upset at Lear for brushing my MC off and I felt like Steven wanted to fight Lear himself I also felt like this vibe Steven was showing was this side of him that he is possessive over his stones and people he loves win I got this talk I thought Steven was upset at something or someone.

You have to say WE have to work Together in that story to get Steven to say this now I'm thinking about it I think Steven it trying to show the MC my MC that he don't need anyone but him the whole I wanted to help Lear it did not work and Steven is letting off more hints that he likes us more then anyone else.

I was 👀 😍 this whole time Steven talk about working with our MC  Stevne reacts to the main story!...did you even know!? I just found out...omg I want to reado the very start story and get more lines from him.

right after he said he wants us to work together he says this he admit that he been *cough* stalking us.

In my mind what he said "That's why I Love you so much!"  Steven is making hints you have to read them

Okay in order for Stevne to talk this way to your own MC you have set Steven as your favorite and sync battle on your profile. like making Steven your favorite sync battle partner and making Steven your favorite without anyone else but him as marked.

Win Steven moves back to the top that desk where he just says that one dialogue and he is not where he is showen in the pic you ignore him do one battle until you drag him down away from the desk and start talking to him that win the new dialogue should come up. if Steven is at the desk do not talk to him ignore him and that will pull him back down and then you can get new dialogue or more info from him. you only do this if you marked Steven as your favorite that will pull him into the pokemom center win you can talk to him all the time. and only he is marked as your favorite and no one else.

if this works on Steven I think it works on other people or other champions if you want you can redo the whole story from the very start and get new dialogue from the people you mark as your favorite and who you like did you even know this!? I did not I just found out today omg...I wish I did this win I first got Steven.

No more Hilbert as sync partner favorite sorry my MC wants to talk to Steven and get new dialogue from him.

Ta-da you are now dating the mineral champion.  With more events coming Steven should say more dialogue if you do this or if you like anyone else from other champions to girls this might work so if you have this girl or champion you like you can do this to get them to talk to your MC.

This must be
Flavor text they put in the game without anyone seeing it you have to find out what they put in this game this makes me want to redo the whole story again
just to see what Steven says from the very start but if you have so many girls mark as favorite this might not work I have not tested it and I don't think I will I don't want to mess this up with Steven.

I might redo the story and find out what he says in the very start and maybe if you're a Red fan you can do this if you have Red and you love him so much I don't know what Red would say beside ".........." or any other girls would say if you do this with them try it out and see for yourself this might make you redo the whole story again.

the bug I did run into was not nice it told me my game crashed win I was buying gems and I was not too happy it did to me 2 times I sent in a bug report.
You might want to look out for that.

This a little pic of what is going on in Pokemon masters and what is Steven saying to our MC and what you can do to make the favorite person or champion to talk to you.

Side note I did change to EN voice I was going to change back to JP voices but...Steven said

the first top line in EN voices he said it I was O_O I'm keeping his EN voices it win I open the game and that what he said to me. the two time my game crashed this is what he said so I'm keeping the EN voices as much as I loved his JP voice this is what he said in his EN voice. You might want to change back to EN voices if they added more dialogue for them to say to you win you open the game.

I change to EN I thought Red would have a EN voice so that why I switch but I'm happy I did change to EN voices I get to hear Steven say in his EN voice dialogue win you open the game.

I don't know what he says in the JP side of the game I'm only playing NA/EN side of this game so I don't know if this only for NA side or not (theory)
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