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Pokemon masters it was that?


A/N: This is off my emotions anyone can think differently.

Today we are going to talk about Steven.

From this event win you first see him Steven had eyes on the player not Wallace.

the Event win you fight him Steven is not holding back at all he going all out why??

Steven desire to dominate the player in the past Pokemon games Steven has not been this forceful until now right??
looking at past games Ruby all up to Black and White who can blame him? Steven saw the MC in Masters and wanted them.

Take down Steven fight event as he tries to turn Barry and Grant ageist the player why?? They are close the player who he wants.

Steven waited for the player to ask if he can join them but the player never did so that win you end up fighting steven in that event with barry and grant.
you can say it steven frustration desires emotion for the player.

To the sync story Steven tries to fight the MC as none of them wins at all it looks like Steven goal is to try to keep dominating the player.

Steven has some influence with people around him but his eyes are on the player.
To Steven the player is something special often many times Steven referral the player to a gem that he loves.

Steven gets happy win the players likes them only win the player looks at other champions *looks at Red* Steven can withdraw himself until Red is removed from party that's win Steven will try and talk to the player again (this just happen to me O_O)

It the first time Steven made a move like this I'm aware of the anime timeline that is different from the game timeline.

right on Feb 14 that says a lot how Steven feels for the player.

win you get Steven who choses you're MC as his chosen one he will talk to you Steven will often say that he likes you *cough* loves you.
you play on auto-battles Steven will always take charage if no other champions are in party. ( I just noticed that O_O)

how many times has Steven ask the player to come to Hoenn and fight him? Not only that Steven had ask the player to come to his home.

Steven is satisfied around the player if you mark him as your favorite and sync and favorite only 1 favorite Steven will often greet you win you arrive at the pokemon center sometimes Steven will even ask how you are doing or sometimes Steven will hint you that he wants to go with you that he wants to be with to you.

Win Steven says "That's why I like you so much" he really says it Steven went through all this trouble to be with you.

Steven will often say that he been watching us/stalking us and he wonders why he is drawn to us alone from the very start it was Love at first sight for Steven win he saw us.
And this is how Steven deals with this emotions trying to tell us that he loves us.

it makes me wonder what Steven said to Barry and Grant to get them to try and agree to fight with him so Steven could try and dominate the player why?
control, influence over the player with his desire Steven has a very strategy mind win it comes to it but Steven emotions for the player is true that one point the other is...

💭 Steven wants the player to become the champion he said it many times to me it feels like Steven wants to be on the same party win we fight for the champions.
Steven saw our potential it matched his own hinted to Steven sync story that why Steven went all out on trying to be with us.

Win you get Steven from RNG draw Steven acknowledge you as a equal to him that's why Steven always talks to you Steven puts you above anyone else at this moment Steven will even compare you to a Gem that he loves.

all the way to the event win we 1st saw Steven he was looking at the player he wanted to team up with them from the very start all the way to sync story it was Steven plan.

That right win Steven says I love you win he talks to you win he become you're new sync partner over champion Red and champion Blue it was all part of Steven plan to be with you.

Wallace was Steven old friend that much Steven said in the event but maybe Wallace knows what Steven wanted at that moment and did not stop him or aid him into going after the player.
odd enough that Steven do not talk about Wallace at all win you talk to Steven 💭

Win steven eyes spark with that fire wallace knew what it was a new flame has come and steven was drawn to it the new player
it was a fire that steven never saw a in ages a fire that burn in his heart a desire to be with the player
soon the player would know what power was soon steven would show the player the meaning of power no that just that steven would show the player the meaning of his power
and then the player will say his name in a whisper his name with such love such desire at the time comes steven will say to the player the words he long to say
"This is why I like you so much" words was much deeper then that one that can only understand in battle win one soul fights another for desire and love
win that day comes win the player is only loyal to him steven will show how much he loves the player with words and smiles as steven own power will dominate the player as his own.

👀I need more fuel....don't worry make that 9 fan-fiction since steven come to masters....*cough* 2 of them are about Red and Ash don't ask...*cough* so I might be posting some of that maybe.

steven was the reason why I join masters and start playing so..."I'm Totally not obsessed"....*dies* send help I think I am...
I started watching the pokemon anime again...*cough*...

Load up my game and saw steven was withdrawn and saw red taken charge win I was on auto-battle removed red did one fight and steven was back to his smiling self.
so two champions conflict one another alright. so red is not in party again.

I see twitter loves to talk about Steven and Red hmm maybe they sold a lot on them??
they like to talk about Ethan and Red so much?....💭 hmmm...💭

looks like Steven and Red are the top 2 guys that people love.

win realization hit you and you think of Paulo is on the same wavelength as Steven ❤️ for the player but unlike Paulo, Steven did more to be with the player and Steven had the power to back it up and was not afraid to say "This is why I like you so much" to the player. it makes me think they knew what they are doing.
it feels like Paulo tries his hardest to make the player like him and failed.
Steven has the power and already capture the player love 'Looks at twitter all the people that love him' this feels like one big...story. (Theory)

And in the story I feel like Paulo is going to become evil in the end now I know who to bring to Paulo fight no I'm not that far yet I'm still grinding.
I just hope Paulo finds someone to love in the end who is not the player. sorry my MC is taken 🎶 
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