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SOA Fate [JP]


神翼のフェイト  oh boy

Luna account

He come on the 3rd roll.

he looks so 💙

got his GS weapon to but used some gems to buy some magical hammers from the pack so I did not have to roll for his GS weapon.

神翼のフェイト has no elements like フェイト so you have to use a gear that has elements or get a weapon that has elements on it.
that sucks.

but 神翼のフェイト is better then SRFフェイト for me 花婿フェイト is much better out of the 3 however with 神翼のフェイト he feels like...Luther I don't know if that a good thing or bad thing.

神翼のフェイト feels a bit darker in his personality don't fit フェイト at was almost like a virus or a program フェイト got into changed him if this was right after Luther ending that would of made sense the solo ending for フェイト right after SO3.

Playing with 神翼のフェイト no new voice they just used the voices from 花婿フェイト and stuck it on it don't fit! It is better than SRFフェイト voice I have to say.

now it more confusing win 花婿フェイト and 神翼のフェイト talk in battle along with フェイト own voice.

so far my 花婿フェイト do NOT like 神翼のフェイト 💭 it the first time I saw my 花婿フェイト get agitated around 神翼のフェイト in auto-battle 👀 how many times 花婿フェイト nearly tried to swing his sword at 神翼のフェイト and make 神翼のフェイト run into the wall...omg you two 👀

神翼のフェイト has a playful personality very...different.

now we get to the battle is 神翼のフェイト worth it? He has no Elemental powers unlike the other フェイト's we already have 神翼のフェイト is a attacker with a GS and he moves like Luther.
That means 神翼のフェイト is kind of defenseless without a Defender like 花婿フェイト the AI win you auto-battle with 神翼のフェイト in a boss fight don't do it unless you are the ONE who controls
神翼のフェイト or have a healer that AI is...bad between my フェイト and 花婿フェイト they was the only two alive thanks to the Health regeneration they both have.

Health regeneration or avoiding AOE is one thing win using 神翼のフェイト is a must no auto-battle in boss fights with 神翼のフェイト.

You want someone that moves more faster and don't move like Luther, 花婿フェイト is good I was always tempted to use 花婿フェイト as my main but never did thanks to フェイト calling me back to him 👀 💙 yes I am a フェイト user now if I'm going to keep 神翼のフェイト I need to start looking at GS weapons for him I do have some GS weapons beside 神翼のフェイト own GS weapon I got on my main account.

my alt had to roll few times to get 神翼のフェイト my new account *laughs in the dark* don't ask...

フェイト fans are a must if trying to get him.

JP guys over on JP side are upset they wanted more women but the thing they don't know is the girls they was pushing out did not sell this WAS the first time they put up a guy in very very long time.
fans wanted something else beside SO3 you can tell the way they talk about it on twitter, fans wanted nothing but women you can tell how they acted on twitter and youtube, fans who asked for フェイト ARE happy they never post on SOA twitter but I did find some who are very happy.

Over all as long as people are happy let them be happy so much negative energy.

since they are doing White day 👀 who do you think the next one will be?? Someone from SO2 SO4 SO5?

Fidel? Edge? Claude? Roddick? Shimada? 😆 Arumat? Albel? 👀 Crowe?
💭....??💭 wait...
"!" *dies*

they did not!...

no wonder 神翼のフェイト IS different...I was wondering why they they made 神翼のフェイト different...are they looking at Pokemon masters?? 👀

Steven has a playful serious down to eath personality his playful possessive side only comes out win he around the player.

神翼のフェイト rush reminded me of something from Pokemon masters out of all the champions they look at they look at Steven 'That why I like you so much' 

神翼のフェイト the way he acts

they did it makes sense now.

Pokemon masters crossover with SOA please 📢

now I see why 花婿フェイト don't get along with 神翼のフェイト it personality.

looks like they are looking at other phone games hmmm...💭

that's why 神翼のフェイト rush looks like going to a Pokemon battle

okay I got 神翼のフェイト if you like 神翼のフェイト get him he is different from the フェイト that you know in a good way.
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