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Final Fantasy 7 remake Cloud voice JP is!...


I was looking on youtube and saw this

And Cloud JP voice is!...Sakurai Takahiro!?

That voice I loved it so much!...

It Haseo VA Haseo JP VA!...😍

If you played .Hack//G.U. in JP you know that voice he also voices Asbel from Tales of Graces.

omg I am playing FF7 on JP voices now no I did not look up the FF7 remake JP voices now I know it Haseo JP voice I'm playing it on JP voices.

I was going to play it on EN voices but seeing this video and hearing that voice in JP I was it can't be...looked it up and it is it JP Haseo.

Now I'm going to be hearing Haseo talk win Cloud talks nice 👀

omg this almsot makes me want to back and play .Hack//G.U. almost...but thanks to my phones games and FF7 remake coming up and online beta MMO that I'm trying
I got a lot going on beside the random fan-fanction I'm doing thanks to my phone games >_>

it is Haseo JP voice and it fit the cold Cloud in the start never thought Cloud and Haseo share the same JP voice...🤔

What do you think? I say watch the youtube video before it's gone.
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