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Steven new pose? PM.


👀 what is he?...*cough* right Steven you have it bad don't you?

People are saying he doing what?...right right keep 💭 that.

I got that new pose from Steven and today I also got.

Yes my player love you to Steven 🎶

this was before I had to remove Hilbert yes Steven did not like Hilbert speed and attack buffs...this was today. after that Steven said a few battles later Steven said wanted to fight my player 2 times Steven said that I looked over my team and was Hilbert 👀

Ethan is now part of the team Steven can show his Jealousy alright.

after that
one battle later

Steven always talks about?
He can't do this alone Steven IS *hinting* that he needs the player to work with him.
unlike Red who different from Steven to me it looks like Steven believes in power couples, power couples is something that Steven always hints from the very start Steven has been stalking the player from his event win you see him with Wallace , Steven was looking at the player to be his new flame Steven desires power win Steven asks Wallace if he can fight again what do Wallace do?...he pushes it onto the player to fight Grant.

that's the point win Steven go after the player alone without Wallace I'm thinking that Wallace knew that Steven would go after the player and did not stop or aid him.

Hilbert was someone who I thought Steven disliked and I was right...Steven is not going to the desk no more they removed Steven kept saying he wants  to fight my player I was looking at the team 💭 why Steven was very tense...than it hit me Steven did not like Hilbert...what?...

Steven is the type that wants the player to only like him Steven also believes that power comes from the desire to protect someone they deeply care about/Someone they love Stevne talks about that. maybe that's why Steven is not taking Hilbert buffs overall Steven is saying he powerful if the player loves him he wants to show the player he can be powerful without anyone else help that why Steven keep rejecting Hilbert on the team.

omg Steven has it bad for the player! That why Steven always asks if the player will come to his home that's why Steven always says he likes the player the hints are clear as day.  the new pose just prove to that Steven is showing his softer side to the player a side that no one else might not see at all and Steven might be hiding the fact that...
maybe he can't look at the player right now...*cough* hello Steven like the player?...*hint* *hint* no Steven is not doing Tai-chi.

out the cool amazing guy that Steven puts up for everyone to see he letting his wall down for the player and you are starting to see the real Steven that he showing to the player how soft he can be and how much love he has for the player.

now that is very different from Red and how Red acts to me it looks like Red has a hard time showing his emotions and the fact that Blue has emotions for him and is not telling Red, but the times Steven was trying to reject Hilbert and going off and on with my player Red up 💭 I'm starting to think everyone not just Steven has emotions a desire of love for the player....what? gender don't matter it can be a girl or a guy that chasing the player around with hearts in their eyes.

ask yourself how many times they greeted you and who keeps showing up? They are telling you they like you.

for my player to me everytime something happens between my player and Steven sometimes Red shows up from that if Steven is so jealous over something that makes is a chance Red will show up why?...temptation other npc will try to lure you away from the person you're player likes.

that one person said on reddit this is almost a dating simulator they are almost right it's almost is a dating simulator we just need some romance lines and that will work they will sell a lot of money on that.

it just something I had to share with you that I saw going on in my game and the fact I'm still slow grinding this game.
slow grind?

I made a new icon I was going over my pics and saw Steven look like that I was like...what are you 💭 about?...Steven has lots of dreams. ❤️

I will say this I ship the player with Steven the hints are too great to ignore.  ❤️
I just found out I'm not alone...twitter has people who love them.

Don't mind me I got fan-fiction fuel  ❤️❤️❤️ I just had to talk about this.
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