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Omg!...people are happy for this!

Zack at the ending?...wait what if Zack is alive?...

How will the story go if Zack is alive?...I dobut he is a alive but if he is the story has changed really changed.

Rufus coin coin flipping reminded me of FF6 Edgar and Sabin coin flipping from FF6. (FF6 remake pelase)

I'm happy for this I got the digital copy for PS4 right now I'm playing

dun dun dun animal crossing new horizons yes I'm playing that game...I got a Pokemon Steven outfit reset my game to get cherry's and I was lucky enough to get a mirror in a bottle right away so I saved up I unlock the hair colors so I'm working on collecting wood to get that store open.
I also found some really cool Final Fantasy outfits but...I need to unlock the store first before I can use the codes and yes I found them off a JP website.

Oh wow Meteor in part 1?...the story has changed alright get ready for the emotions feels and tears.

This looks like Final Fantasy 7 but with a new story oh man I'm so ready for this.

I'm going to be playing animal crossing new horizons and Pokemon masters and SOA until Final Fantasy 7 remake comes out.

Looks like SOA is doing a bit better but that much...they need money for EP3 I don't know why they did not do a FF7 crossover that would of sold a lot of money.

animal crossing new horizons is doing good people still love it.

the whole loan thing reminds me of  Tales of xillia 2 win you had to pay back all that money.

PM I'm waiting for
to come out

Who ready for FF7 remake? I am so ready for it I'm avoiding all the leaks on youtube thanks Australia you guys got the game already.
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