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Final Fantasy 7 remake ending talk.


So we saw the ending on youtube right?

Fans are mixed some fans wanted down to the original FF7 but as you know Nomura said the story has changed...

to what point? The story has changed 100% it is NOT FF7 original game no it not it has hints to the original but it not.

Do you remember win we saw Aerith? She was being chased by Whispers of Fate's

The Whispers of Fate want to keep the timeline as the same as original FF7 story.

 time travel yes the one word that made everyone upset "time travel"

but not just him their might be hints that Aerith also 'time travel' like Sephiroth they are both changing their destiny I have a feeling that Aerith knows about the future that's why she was acting that way win Cloud asked her if she knew Sephiroth.

This is Nomura we now have FF7 timelines

Maybe Sephiroth will become a good guy? Maybe this time Cloud will be evil?

right now the ending is the same Cloud want to go after Sephiroth the whole Meteor story.

But why is Sephiroth after Cloud from the very start? The way he acts that tells me this Sephiroth is from advent children
Sephiroth telling Cloud he was never a memory...advent children odd...I did noticed Sephiroth started to become more active win Cloud
remember him my theory is Cloud is the host of the future Sephiroth from advent children that why in FF7R win Cloud remembers
Sephiroth seeing stuff from the original FF7 timeline everytime Cloud sees that *cough* sees Sephiroth that makes Sephiroth real.

That means from the very very start you are playing as Cloud but with Sephiroth who always with Cloud

Part 1 IS the set-up for a new FF7 story that is not part of the original story.

it can be that Aerith and Sephiroth found away to this timeline or they taken over souls of this Aerith and Sephiroth and they come from the future (theory)

they said it a remake it more like a reboot with new story and time travel and you thought KH3 was confusing welcome to Nomura timelines.

FF7 remake is NOT 100% like the original it has hints from original but it all new.

Like Hydaelyn and Zodiark from Final Fantasy XIV, Sephiroth wants something like that with him and Cloud 

Sephiroth wants to be forever with Cloud no matter how many timelines Sephiroth sees.

advent children Sephiroth wanted to be with Cloud him having to this far it's all their and Aerith is alive at the end destiny changed alright.

Now what about Zack? He is now alive in the new timeline what if Zack is alive with another copy of Cloud? Win Our Cloud the one we play sees that other copy what if that makes him turn to Sephiroth? Or makes the Cloud we play turn evil?...*cough* Jenova?...

Another copy of Cloud?

What is this KH?...Roxas, Ventus?

So we can have Zack and Aerith and alt Cloud with Tifa and Cloud with Sephiroth?

maybe the copy Cloud IS the real Cloud without being tainted by Jenova and Sephiroth? Alt Cloud who has all his memories how would that be?

The ending Aerith saw Zack with the other Cloud right? What if they just missed one another? what if  Aerith saw was them just coming into midgar and they just missed them win they are leaving midgar? (theory)

Part 2 might have to do with Jenova the whole issue that might push Cloud more into Sephiroth a tiny bit more it also might go into Cloud going more insane and going off the deep end advent children Sephiroth might have control over the Jenova in him but...what about Cloud? we know in the Ending Jenova is gone what if part 2 is getting Sephiroth away from Jenova?...or having Cloud fall into Jenova power?
can it be possible that Jenova can see that advent children Sephiroth is doing his own thing and not 'her thing?' maybe that might make Jenova go after Cloud if advent children Sephiroth loves Cloud?

I do want to see a evil Cloud O_O that would test what Sephiroth said to Cloud 'I want you and I to be endless'

I mean a White hair Cloud that would be nice

Now FF7R is good it has smooth gameplay the story is NOT the original FF7 story at all it has new story and new feel to it.

the one thing I did not like was the bikes I thought that part could of been left out it taken up too much story that of been made into the whole bloody Shinra event they could fo added more darker tones to it and not everyone in Shinra saw Sephiroth.

The last bike battle as I said before I'm not into bikes and it very 'meh' to me.

As for Sephiroth he could of been more touchy the last moment he touched Cloud with all the things Sephiroth is showing Cloud that tells me Sephiroth hates Tifa why?...Sephiroth likes Cloud...this is SO KH....

I was never a big Sephiroth and Cloud fan...I did like Aerith but this remake changed me but seeing how Aerith is acting I now want to see her with...Zack..or Tifa.

What do you think of the new ending?

good? bad?

I like it it going to be something new and it NOT the original FF7 story.

That my take on this.

I had to talk about this people are already talking about the ending.
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