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FF7 remake talk again.


Today we are going to be talking more about that.

//My theory it can be nothing this is my talk on this//

We know that FF10 is the past and FF7 is the future same world right?

In FF8 it hinted that they find the old 'Shinra' building so FF8 might be the future for FF7 what happens after FF7 events.

We know the before the last boss in FF7 remake that you fight the big black boss who looks like a Heartless (From KH) that it has light flying around it win it shows up right? What if that was Pyrefly from (FF10)? it was using the power of the Farplane to Manifest that for a boss??

The screams you heard what if that was voices from the Farplane??

FFX2 is the past and FF7 is the future.

The hints of FF8 being the future of FF7 their is a old ruines you go into in FF8 and it has key doors that look like they come from
FF7 it hinted that what happen to the Shinra building.

What if what Sephiroth is doing going back in time what if that starts the 'Time Compression?'

but the question is after the events maye due to what Sephiroth is doing in FF7 remake going agesit 'Fate' maybe that going to start the whole

FF8 Sorceress from FF8? (Theory?)

We know that Jenova is not a Cetra she from space right? So she like Norg

What if Norg taken the plans for 'Neo Midgar' and made it the 'Balamb Garden?'

What if it was Norg who had a fight with the last Shinra family for that plans? Or Norg had someone steal the plans?

Jenova was master mind mabye she was a higher than what Norg was.

My guess is after the events for FF10 Spira has changed not only that if FF10 and FF7 are the same world than they was getting invaded by space Aliens *Cough* Jenova we know Jenova infects people around her mainly Sephiroth and Cloud Jenova powers remind me of a Sorceress
don't it? If FF8 is the future world of FF7 Jenova must be the 1st Sorceress...right?

Jenova the 1st Sorceress who come from space.

Norg must be a another Alien who is not the same as Jenova but Norg is a Alien who come from space and made the Balamb Garden. that looks just like Neo Midgar from FF7 remake.

Maybe all the events after FF10 the Sin battle and the power of the Farplane maybe that got attention from
space Aliens who was after that power?

But why is Sephiroth so special? Maybe he the 1st Male Sorceress? 👀

We know in FF8 all Sorceress are female right? What if in FF7 Sephiroth was the 1st born male Sorceress with the Jenova cells. (Theory)

Aerith comes from the line of the Cetra who was renamed that after being the Summoners?

Summoners VS Sorceress

the very start to the very end Sorceress like Jenova who come from space....

The Sorceress story did not fully come into play until FF8 but it was starting in FF7 remake and FF7 story.

the conflict between Aerith and Sephiroth was very real in FF7 remake they both knew something and stuff they should not know.

the fact that AC Sephiroth come to the past says much AC Sephiroth was using magic to go back into time.

maybe Aerith and Sephiroth using that magic made the Time Compression?

It can be possible that Aerith is the great great great great great grand child of Tidus and Yuna she has the power of the summoners in her blood.

As for Cloud he can be the great great great great great great great grand child of Rikku or Gippal.

some fans was saying Cloud look more like a grand child of Tidus but...he don't have the power of magic like Aerith do.

If you to ask me who would look like the grand child of Tidus and Yuna that is between Cloud or Aerith I would say 'Aerith'

If the Farplane still active in FF7 remake what if that is the power that both Aerith and Spehiroth are taping into?

Aerith says very blunt that Sephiroth has to be stopped right? What if they both used the power of time to go to this timeline
to make a future for Cloud and Co?

Just think Aerith has the blood in her that is summoner blood is telling her that Sephiroth is all wrong right? Maybe Aerith senese that
Sephiroth is a sorceress? What do sorceress do? they pick a 'knight' right? Maybe Aerith all this time is trying to stop
Sephiroth from taking Cloud as his knight?...hmmm 🤔 (Theory)

All this time in FF7 remake we been seeing Sephiroth who is stuck to Cloud right?

Sephiroth is the 1st male soceress after what ending we get with FF7 remake Aerith must see that it only the very start since
FF8 has the story of the soceress from the very start to end it something that Aerith can't stop herself.
after the events of FF7 and FF7 remake maybe that got the attention of Norg who come from space.

Than the question is if Sephiroth was that powerful why did he not just stop Cloud from ever doing anything from the very start
Sephiroth could of killed Cloud right than right? But why?...Sephiroth needs Cloud body my theory is Sephiroth has no body
right at very start for FF7 remake we see Sephiroth why?

AC Sephiroth is in Cloud body 👀 using the power of time AC Sephiroth went back into this time to make it his story however
Aerith who went back into time/or saw the future knows what Sephiroth is up to and is trying to stop him.

everytime Cloud remembers Sephiroth, Cloud is wishing Sephiroth into existence just like someone is wishing for Sin to return right?

>>Looks at FFX3 news about sin return and wishing

Cloud beckoned Sephiroth to return 👀

If we ever get FFX3 we might get more info about 'wishing'

some of that power might still be left in the time of FF7 remake and how Sephiroth keeps becoming more real thanks to Cloud.

As long as Cloud remembers Sephiroth will come Cloud is the host of Sephiroth.

It can be deep in Cloud heart he beckoned Sephiroth to come without Cloud himself knowing what is going on.

The next part of the FF7 remake is going to be fun *cough* Zack and two Cloud's and alt times.
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