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PM shipping.


So we all saw Cynthia and Caitlin that's says a lot *Ships them both* it also says why Rosa was trying to talk to Cynthia win we first saw her right? Rosa is also gay?

Prince Cynthia and Princess Caitlin are a couple they have hints.

moving on we have Wally who says 'He wants to make special memories with you, (MC)" to the player of PM O_O

Now people ship Wally with Ruby/Brendan or Norman O_O

this might explain why Steven tried to talk to May and Ruby and both ignored him and than Steven become a stalker to the MC of PM.

to me it looks like Steven had a bad love life in the anime and the game
don't get me started on Alain I'm so happy that it never worked out in the anime Steven don't need him.

moving back to the games one thing I noticed Steven in my game likes my MC with not dark hair O_O uh what?

>>looks at Tate and Liza and hair color

🤔 didn't Steven have a thing for black hair?... that what I 🤔 but he don't 👀 now I see that Steven likes my MC with white hair and green eyes...

In the start I think Steven like the dark hair color that the MC had but slowly start moving away from that color due to Steven bad luck
with 'Dark hair guys' I'm 🤔 Steven encourage the MC to change his hair color to a color that is not black.

So the champions look like this

Red with Blue that if Blue can ever tell Red that he loves him--"Say what!?"-Blue as Blue looks panic with Red not looking at him.

Cynthia with Caitlin with Rosa looking at Caitlin with jealousy.

Lance with who? (Lance needs to go on a date) maybe win Leon comes Lance and Leon can..."Don't you dare!"-Raihan voice says as he falls back into the abyss as you can hear "Leooon!" from the voice now.

Steven after so long being alone finally found the MC of PM who he likes- as Steven makes a *cough* before moving closer to the MC of PM with Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake looking at them as they *sigh* as Wallace looks at them as his face says 'I told you so'.

Iris with Hapu? ( I don't think we have any more info on them being a couple) as -Iris ignores that and happy talks to Hapu.

that's all champions  listed for now

I thought that Red and Ethan and a thing going on with all the hints they was saying until Silver come along and said 'Ethan' was his.

I was going to pull for Wally but after seeing that no I'm not going to.

This is my take on this info that I got and I was 🤔 about it.
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