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Pokemon masters talking Is he?


Lance and Steven they are close friends they do drink (that the feeling I'm getting) and talk to one another but they never date.

Lance knows about Steven stalking habits I'm thinking Wallace also knows about the habits that Steven has.

I did see win Steven was talking to Lance he was trying not to look at player and failed O_O

*Steven was looking at the player win trying to talk to Lance*

omg Steven has it bad the next day Red showed up in the same room with Steven.

I had my MC talk to Red he showed up after the battle with charizard out with a gift  above his head I had to talk to Red.

After that one battle later Steven had a gift I talk to him he given my MC a lv item after another one battle later that Steven once again had another gift it was the same gift...O_O

Omg Steven was reacting to Red showing up in the same room and giving my MC a item.

Looks at the Shipping names they are calling this StalkerShipping Steven has a stalker habit for the player

Red is starting to come around again for my MC I'm not doing anything to have Red come to me he doing it on his own 👀

Did you save the pic what he given you? T_T...sorry Red

one battle later

Steven was done right?

Next day I got into the game Steven says this with no Red around.

Steven has it bad it's a hint he saying 'I love you' I love looking at you I love stalking you. 💜

I did not take the pic of him talking with Lance yet but I was looking at Steven as he tried not to look at the player.

I guess I'm shipping them #StalkerShipping a love that is very out their. Steven has his own way of saying 'I love you' in a stalker way. 💜

this is what is going on in my game right now no I did not pull for anyone new yet.

Red is starting to come around.

Steven acting all anxious win Red is around and trying to talk to my MC *cough* Jealousy Steven has it bad I'm telling you the hints are here.

people on twitter do like Steven no they love him and people on reddit was talking about him so Steven is very much loved.

With all the shipping coming from PM Steven and the MC has to be one of them you can make Steven like a boy or a girl for MC of PM.

I feel like Red was trying to make drama or trying to get Steven to respond to my MC somehow. (Red was trying to ship my MC with Steven who making that many hints that he loved my MC)

this get me 💭 that Red is helping my MC to get with Steven without Blue help omg fan fiction time.

Red is like 'screw this they need to talk' Red knows what love is all about Red has emotions but don't show them Red would be the last person you ever think that was trying to get the MC and Steven to become lovers.

Red next plan is to lock Steven and MC in a closet until Steven desire takes over him and he kisses the MC.

I think I know what Red is doing now Red is a fan boy?...😅

So much going on time to do some Fan fiction now 💜

I found more pics of Steven looking like that (makes a new icon) daydreaming Steven.
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