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PM Hearts?.


People was asking why isn't Steven showing up win you have him set as favorite?

I did a test on a new account I talked to other girls and talked to Steven win he showed up and guessed what happen.

I got a lot of girls showing up and no Steven 👀

That made me think 💭 that if you talk to anyone else Steven he might not show up at all.

if you have higher points with other people *cough* misty, dawn anyone else that is not Steven he might not show up.

going back to my main acocunt who just talk to Steven got him right away and after a few battles Steven is still here.

today on my account Steven wanted to talk before he can say 'fight me' I enter a battle heal him made him do his sync move that pushed him back into loving the MC again before that doing the new steel event doing normal battles no sync moves until the last battle before the last battle talk to Steven again this time he said.

'He wanted the MC to come to his home' did the last battle with sync move heal Steven before his sync move comes off and this time Steven said this right after battle.

Steven can make a fuss win he thinks that you the 'MC' is not looking at him making him want to fight you if he not saying

'I like you', 'I need you', 'talk to me', 'lets do this together'

do a few battles until he not looking at you and looking at his Pokemon you got him.

this game slowly is adding affection.

right after that Steven said this win I talk to him again.

Steven just said that he's stalking you 👀 from the very start Steven has been looking at you ever since he saw you.

'Way back win you was fighting Barry, Steven was 👀 you'

'That's why I love you so much' to this Steven has it bad.

From my take on this Steven desires affection from the MC in battle I like to have my MC heal him before he can do his sync move.

I have my MC be the healer to Steven maybe that helps his affection go higher? 💭 (theory)

on SOA JP side.

フェイト is being フェイト and loves my MC Luna.

PM needs that kind of affection for it's game like SOA.

Win my MC and Steven do fight Ethan likes to show up a lot...>_> I don't have Silver, Ethan has no love life in my game.

And no Red did not show up today.

Steven can get jealous if you use a Level-Up Manual on someone else that is not you or him.

Maybe if you heal them it make the affection for you the MC go higher? 💭 I like to think Steven desires the daily heals he gets from my MC a lot.

Steven also desires the daily talks he gets from the MC to me it looks like win you have Steven affection for you the MC you have to stay with him only no talking to other girls or guys at all that's how Steven works.

if you have Steven favorite and he's not showing up that might say you have someone else as a higher affection. That needs to be lower down before Steven can show up.

How do you lower someone affection? What I do is not talk to them win they show up that lowers affection.
it might take a bit if you have so many other people who have a high affection for you're MC.

if you are talking to a girl or a guy like Misty or Elesa or Blue all the time and not getting who you set as you're favoirte, you don't have a high affection for you're favorite.

once you get you're
favorite to show up all the time lock them in by making them love you.

do battles with them heal them talk to them only and you are dating them.

on my test account I did a few pulls trying to test Steven banner out I kept getting Dawn on that account and my high affection was Misty she liked to show up a lot even win I had Steven set as my favoirte.

they do have some kind of affection in this game.

now we just need to give 💝🎁  to them and we are all set.

my test account kept getting nothing but girls showing up it was...ugh a bad taste in my mouth...I don't have that account no more it was just a test account to see if my theory was right.

with Hikaru girls do show up a lot I don't know if the percentage for girls to show up is higher but girls do show up a lot win Hikaru talks to Steven it's funny and sad.

like you are in a room full of girls and they are looking at you with that look on their faces win Steven says the words to you
'That's why I love you so much' that kind of emotion.

right now I'm saying this is all #theory.

And to see how a new player would try to get Steven to show up win talking to other people who are not Steven.
win you are a new player and you just want Steven, don't talk to anyone but Steven.
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