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PM timeline (Theory)


So we know that Red has fought Lance, Cynthia and Steven before the MC has started the game.

Red was waiting for the MC to come into the game *Hint*

tutorial battle is now in the game for you to see win you start the game as a new player.

It shows Red has this rivalry with Lance, Cynthia and Steven from the very start.

they did lose to Red that battle was just a teaser for the real battle with Lance, Cynthia and Steven.

After that lets look at the events it looks after Steven lost to Red, Steven event starts his stalking event win he stalks the MC that's win he drawn to the MC himself.

It also shown if you seen Lance talking to Steven win they was talking he would look side ways to the MC, Steven was geting distracted by the MC.

win you did Steven event win he was with Wallace he was stalking the MC from the very start win the camera switched from Barry to look at Steven and Wallace you can see Steven looking at the MC
win Wallace was talking Wallace knew what Steven was doing.

Steven solo battle without Wallace, Steven used Barry and Grant why? They was close to the MC who he wanted to get the MC attention.

Steven was helping Lance and Cynthia, Steven did his own desire and went after the MC himself.

That event that Steven did not tell Lance and Cynthia about it. Lance started to get the hint what Steven was doing all with his free time off that he would go and stalk the MC of PM.

You can see Lance *blank* looks win Steven was trying not to look at the MC win they was talking in the main room. I had a freeling they did meet a lot they had dinner party but they never dated one another Lance was someone Steven talk to as a friend but they never dated since Steven had a taste that was for younger boys/girls.

now if you have Steven set as you're favorite his words can show how Steven feels about the MC and his desire that he wants to be part of the the MC team win fighting the story.
if you're affection is set to Steven only he acts like you're BF he can show jealousy win Red or Ethan tries to talk to the MC.

Steven always says he was drawn to you but that wasn't it Steven was stalking the MC after he lost to Red.

Come to think of it you play as Red like you play as the MC...💭  wait...Red was waiting for the MC to show up.

Blue did not tell Red he loved him so Red is looking at the MC of PM as Blue *dies* win he sees Red smiling at them only to see Red pissed off darker looks win Steven shows up and takes the MC away from Red.

no wonder my Steven and Red fight a lot the gift wars was one of them.

They are setting up Red rivalry with the other champions it someone new they are adding to the game if you start the game as a new player.

That might be the reason why the other champions have affection for the MC and how they act win another champion looks at the MC.

you favorite Cynthia and you have a high affection with Cynthia she is going to favorite you over the other champions affection for the MC.

The 💭 is what which goddess do you worship? *cough* I mean what champion do you worship?

I 💭 after Steven and his group lost to Red, Steven was looking for a new group win he saw the MC of PM that win he was drawn to the MC the story is if Steven has not join the MC of PM by being his sync partner Steven would go back to Lance and Cynthia team.

That make me think that Steven event was for him looking for away of having a sync partner now if you draw Steven it his way of not telling Lance and Cynthia that he now a partner to the MC of PM.

Now if you are using Steven in you're party you giving what Steven what he wants.

my 💭 on it is after they lost to Red, Steven and maybe Cynthia could not tell Lance 'Hey this is not working can we go our ways?' and Lance was trying to make too hard to work that it failed.

to me it not about 'Hey they are the most powerful champions working together it so epic!' No it about how they feel and to me it looks like with Steven he was already drawn and distracted by the MC of PM.
More Steven time is what I want to see
the story around Steven and the timeline feels a bit off...but all of them Lance, Cynthia and Steven they all lost to that saying Red is that OP? Yes.

Like win Lance ask Steven to join him to fight Leon, Steven says yes to it but his eyes was looking at the MC of PM without trying to let Lance know that he was distracted by the MC of PM once again.

Steven not telling Lance he wants to be with the MC of PM and that hurting his love life.

>>looks at Steven love life from the game it was bad and he was alone for a long time.

>>>looks at Steven love life from the anime it was bad.

It looks like champion works come first for Steven but if you have him and have him favorite Steven shows his softer side to the MC that he 'loves' them. Right now Steven is still the champion so he putting his work before his feelings his own heart that says a lot even if it's hurting him he putting his work before his own emotions.

Power couple is what Steven desires from the MC of PM if you have him favorite and have a high affection with Steven he will show you how he feels and how you work with him together and Steven is not being shy win he says he was 👀 you.

Now with Red this makes the story a bit different it makes me wonder if the MC of PM is someone special to Red?
💭 why would you play as Red before making you're own MC? I know it a teaser since a lot of people love Red but...💭

people was making joke that we taken Ash pikachu and was working with Team R.

I do want a darker MC
>>looks at MC of PM
Nope not going to happen.

unless our MC becomes evil somehow thanks to Paulo.

the anime is starting to come into the game win is Ash coming?

I got Steven sync gird unlocked I can't wait to unlock his full sync grid that will make him very powerful.

I have my Steven sync grid made very different I don't know what to call it but it works.

Are you ready for team R event coming soon?
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