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The 12th Producer Letter PM.

[From the management team]
The 12th Producer Letter has been released.
This time, we would like to introduce updates up to the end of August, including some of the anniversary campaigns, and update existing functions such as stamina.
I hope you read it.


Steven new outfit
💜 OMG I'm all in!

Hmm....Steven got a new outfit to be close to the player!..💜 Now we see casual Steven I got so many 💭 coming now.

No we see Steven never takes off his rings 💭

This is the way to get me to spend money in this game I'm going 5/5 for him.

Now we got 2 Steven in the game that's going make is very interesting.

Summer event is coming are you ready? 💜

I am I'm going all in for this Steven if you are a Steven fan don't pull on the banners now wait for him to come.

We get more time with Steven. 👀
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