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.Hack Q&A what you need to do.


--Taken from youtube---
1. Get Active Online Be vocal and talk about the series on social media, make a website, make fan artwork, fan fiction, cosplay, etc. The key here is to be as transparent as possible--show and be seen! Do things that are easily found, discovered, shared, etc. Also, get involved in other fan circles online. There are all sorts of hubs for connecting with other .hackers, you shouldn't have trouble finding other like-minded fans!

2. Purchase .hack Games & Available Merch Although it may be difficult to get items new these days, it's important to support the series with your wallet. Please be aware that the money you pay for any used item from a 3rd party does not go to the publisher or developer... so although your collection might get a bit bigger, it's not exactly helping to revitalize the series... UNLESS you take all sorts of photos of your collection and rally the fanbase, which would fall under #1 above!!

3. Write to BNE & Frequently Tell them you want more .hack, show them how passionate you are and what the series means to you. Write to their email on the website, their twitter, Facebook, anywhere you can. Get others to do the same!

4. Support the Developer Can you even imagine how hard it would be to have a great story and be unable to do anything about it? I'm sure many pivotal folks at CC2 feel this way but are unable to do anything... So, because of this, as fans of the .hack series, let's try to be a little considerate how we handle this situation. Bombarding CC2 with requests to continue the .hack series isn't going do anything. They know. They want to do more .hack. Those words are better off directed toward BNE! Other things you can do are to follow CC2 on social media, share their works, get other people interested, follow new projects!
--Taken from youtube---

it what he saying you need to tell the Publishers you want another .hack game.

Nothing changed in .Hack at all it the Publishers holding them back.

I myself have fallen out of .hack due to the lack of desire to talk about the game T_T

what do you think of this? E-mail the Publishers and tell them you want another .hack game.
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