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PM summer event.


Summer is coming.

if you want to get into PM now is the time to do so.

I'm happy for Steven getting his outfit. 💜

the reason we are not getting Cynthia yet if you see the talk going around why we are not getting her.

SS Cynthia we can't have her and swimsuit ver at the same time  💭
Update link.

Now is the time to get into PM if you want to try this game.

I'm ready for this update 💜

my gems are ready 💎 I will get that Steven.

now to wait.

Summer Steven is going to be so broken?? (What?)

SS Cynthia they made her worse then normal Cynthia?

So far Summer Steven is broken and OP with one of his attacks going 5 times with his sync grid so the news say.

I'm going 5/5 for Summer Steven.
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