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Final Fantasy Dissidia Wall paper!.


This might of been found before but I LOVE this game I so can't wait for it to come out! Beside who ARE YOU for The LIGHT or DARK? Good or Evil? I want to play Sephiroth at lest Once maybe Terra to I also want to try out Cecil and Cloud to me the battle style almost Look KH look floating around with out no Float spell lol I love the music FF Dissidia Web is playing I well some time get the OST Oh yeah here!

Final Fantasy Dissida Wall paper1.

Good Cosmos.

Final Fantasy Dissida Wall Paper2.

Evil Chaos.

I found out late vary late they made some kind of Soda cans of them or something but yeah I WANT this game so badly it the fist Ever Final Fantasy Crossover! with only FF Games!

Japanese Web For Final Fantasy Dissidia is here-

So yeah do enjoy now! I want this game...

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