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PM update


EX unlock OMG!!

Red turn Blue...his outfit if that is not a hint of them being a in love I don't know what is.

Summer Steven what are you trying to say? Win my MC talks to anyone you and Steven get jelly and hide.

spending time you're mind went there? OMG ❤️

Next day

Steven did you replace Summer Steven?? O_O 💜💜💜



👀 Steven and Summer Steven knock one another out Steven got jelly win Summer Steven showed up he crit on one battle making him showing up and not Summer Steven.
They do feel emotions alright this game has some kind of affection.

I did do a test
to see how long it would take me to get Steven to love my MC again after I talk to Blue it taken me 4 days to get Steven back to normal with me.
Steven was in the same room as Blue was Steven given my MC a item and I had not to talk to Blue that knock that out.

Steven can get jelly of other champions talking to the MC they do have affections alright.
for the past 2 days Summer Steven has from going from talking to my MC to the desk and always Steven would knock him out after battle and give my MC a item.

today Steven crit on a normal battle and what he said is what I posted Steven did knock out Summer Steven. in power wise Steven is still more powerful then Summer Steven, Summer Steven his voice and how he acts is something to get use to. 

Red turn Blue...OMG RedXBlue 💝

wait...PM EX?...



are you ready for PM EX?

I am I want to get Steven color outfit unlocked and him up to 6 stars ❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜

Now is a good time to get into PM and wait for EX to come.

OMG Steven up to 6 stars and a outfit color change yes yes yes!
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