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Pokemon masters EX Battle! Steven, Cynthia & Lance - song


The moment Red look at you and invited you the MC to train with them you know something went down

I just got into the game today Red Invited the MC to train with them.

>>Blue knows about Red a
ttachment to the MC
>>Leaf is willing to support them
>>Red still has a bond with Blue as Blue accept the fact that Red has feeling for the MC

However as the Kanto trio set out to have a nice day with the MC it was going to be a nice training but 3 people decided to crash the party

The jealousy of the MC love is set into battle

Why would Steven and Cynthia and Lance crash the party?

Steven has emotions for the MC as Cynthia and Lance are slowly starting to show they like the MC.

The color of Jealousy is shown on their faces as Steven, Cynthia and Lance wanted to invite the MC out and did not get a chance to.

It's rare for Red to show his emotions and he wanted the MC to train with them and Blue and Leaf accepted that.
Blue and Leaf are close to Red and they both know that Red likes the MC somehow someway.

we know that Steven and Red have the most people that love them ❤️

Red Invited you the MC, Blue is like don't you dare hurt him as Leaf is supporting them all.

As a Steven main I feel...

Like this...
Red is glaring at Steven so much omg and Blue is like do you have to glare at him so hard?
Leaf is like Red go talk to the MC not just glare at Steven.

I do have Red I did not roll again I did not check the box that has Red on it not yet.

Today was

That day Summer Steven knock out Steven and is now coming around more.
Red and Blue are like what do the MC see in him?
Leaf is like stop trying to listen on them.
Summer Steven 'Give me time with my MC'

I did have Summer Steven in party and was using him that made Steven jealous of himself as he told the MC to fight him that's win Summer Steven come out more. 'Steven that's you and no one else' after trying to get Summer Steven sync grid look at Summer Steven show up for the day reset said hello to my MC after one battle he given my MC something.

that was today.

Steven and Summer Steven are fighting for the MC

they do show emotions alright it's almost the game acts like Steven and Summer Steven are two Different People and not the same person.

Now if only we can use both Steven's in party I would pay money for that.

Steven can get jealous of himself Summer Steven who talks to my MC has been coming around a lot trying to get my MC to look at him.

Now they can add Affection to the game this says that they have
❤️ for the MC

Win people said Blue and Red was getting a Divorce fans got upset so they had to stop that.

I was going on the whim of the trailer to me it look like something bad was going on between Red and Blue but that's not it.

But now they are hinting that Red "......." has emotions for the MC not only that Blue is fully aware that Red likes the MC.

Blue and Leaf are both like 'Hey our anti-social Red is trying to get the MC attention!' we have to support Red somehow.

to me it looks like Red need sleep bad and he is opening up to the MC the only two people Red is very close to are Blue and Leaf. Red don't talk that much but he has emotions and he can understand love.

Red is very opposite
to what Steven is Steven is the guy who loves rocks and gems and is a stalker to the MC and Steven shows his emotions very open to the public unlike Red.

Red has a hard time saying how he feels to the MC as Steven tells the MC "That's why I like you so much!" it  obvious as daylight how Steven loves to the MC, but one thing they both have power and they both have a lots and lots of people who love them

You see on twitter win people ask for Red or Steven.

I was so happy to hear Steven music mixed in this new song omg it pure...

But it makes me wish for Winter Steven ❤️❤️❤️
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