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PMEX it's that time


Summer Steven

Summer Steven are you *hint* at going to the caves with the MC??

Summer Steven if anything did happen to the MC you would go to the dark side if the MC got too hot you would be first one to try and cool the MC down.

>>SS Leaf and SS Blue "We did not hear anything"
>>SS Leaf 'dont look at them!'
>> SS Blue 'It's hard not to stare at them!'
>>> Red *glares* at Summer Steven
>> Summer Steven *glares* at Red

later that day

O_O is that a-a-a-- date!? OMG yes we need this!

One battle later

SS Blue and SS Leaf "We did not hear anything!"
Red 'glares' at Steven
SS Leaf 'Summer Steven ask him out?'
SS Blue 'don't talk too loud they will hear us!'

Steven did you hear what Summer Steven ask the MC?

SS Leaf and SS Blue "We did not hear anything!"
SS Leaf 'Is he that upset?'
SS Blue 'Don't ask'
Red *glares* at Steven

"That's why I love you so much!"

5 battles later after battle I was going to say good night to Steven win...

Summer Steven? Wait...

'Yes look at me'

'The gems in the sky how I love them'

'Yes date me my light'

Starlight date with Summer Steven.

SS Leaf and SS Blue both try not look at Red
Red tries his last time to *glare* at Summer Steven

Summer Steven "See I ask him out on a date"
Steven "You did what?"
Summer Steven "Date with my light"
Steven "Wait I told him I love him!"
Summer Steven "You need to ask him out not ask him to come to your home"
Steven "I was going to have a fancy dinner with him just the two of us alone"
Summer Steven "You know he loves me right?"
Steven "No he loves me"

As Red words are unheard of that he was going to ask the MC "........."

I told you Summer Steven was coming around a lot.

This what happen today Summer Steven wants that in the starlight. ❤️

And yes Red did show up that many times 💭

I had to share with you what happen with Steven and Summer Steven.

If the MC was a rare item to Steven and Summer Steven

This would be the music for it.

💭 This give me 💭 Summer Steven and Steven trying to get the MC to date them.
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