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SOA so soon? [JP]


No twitter update this was pushed on the website

are they trying to do some kind of damage control?

>>looks on twitter few people are talking about this game

Hmm feels like something went down again I did hear some rumors but 👀💭

It has something to do with the new story

I have not play the new story yet none of my acocunts saw what happen >_<;;

I was looking on twitter and saw this 'they was asking why this video was not updated to let people know about it but the website updated it'

JP is upset again? 💭

Oh boy here we go the rumors I'm hearing about this game right now it's bad I have not played the new story so I don't know if the rumors are true or not.

I was going on twitter to see what was going on I know they put 神翼のフェイト banner back up I did pull on his banner I got the new GS weapon for him to.

I am playing this game yet I have not made any attempt to do the new story.

I did not pull the new Rena she looks cool but no.

What do you think #42 is?

Are we getting a new crossover?? FF7R please.

Or is it damage control? 💭

Feels like so much went on win I was in the Pokemon EX world.
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