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Genshin Impact (theory)


I did try Genshin Impact  I did not get who I wanted and got almost all girls >_>

My theory is no other NPC reacts to who we change right? They call the MC the '
Traveler' right?

I think the MC who makes the wish to get that character takes on the shape of them but in reality our MC is playing alone 👀

It's our MC wishing not being alone (theory)

so in reality our MC is alone but takes on many other different characters

it might be a hidden power that our MC has?

it would explain why we got our party characters in that amout of time our MC got that close to them and copied them.

I was 💭 why do we have to report to Kaeya win we got him? Nope that's not him that our MC Role playing as him.

This alone tells me how lonely the MC is if this is true

I did get Keqing she is good very good I unlucky to get Bennett, Razor is my GS user.

And the rest are girls and Fischl keeps showing up all the time >_> her and Barbara >_<;

>>Looks at Aether you keep wishing for Fischl and Barbara you really wanted to be a girl right?

*sigh* maybe I should of picked Lumine for MC

I wonder why we did not get other party members that with our MC in battle this might be the reason why our MC changes into them.

But right now it's a theory.

the game is fun but it has no 'inns' or bed to sleep in.

I am playing on PC I'm using my PS4 controller.

to DL the game.

Paimon no Piedmon from digimon
All this time she was evil and we 💭 we was helping the world she going to turn the MC evil

somehow this game is going to crossover with Honkai Impact right? Never did play that game but they say
"You're forgetting this is miHoYo, who makes Honkai Impact, a game where over half of your waifu's get corrupted and become evil"

Tip- do not roll 10 at a time you will lose do 1 at a time it will take longer but the rates are better at 1 not 10
I learn the hard way T_T

I did get him the one I wanted

Venti is life hacks made very easy yes I got him I'm sooo happy

Rolling in this this game is harsh they are many times win people ARE going to re-roll

I'm just going out in the world not even doing the story and it's good this game is fun.

The hype for Venti is real
👀 and that one guy thought Venti was a girl!?...🤣 Venti is a guy not a girl put him with Aether and you have Yaoi.
>>it's the second coming of Astolfo
>> Venti is a trap a trap that is going like hot cakes
>>Also if you look closely Male MC has Astolfo's haircut and outfit--Quote
>>Wait Male MC IS Astolfo?? Not Venti? This changes everything
>>You can make Aether gay now Aether IS Astolfo I should of named him that not Aether

>>look at youtube people ARE spending money to get Venti omg

Paimon you're going to suffer win I put Aether and Venti
you was jelly about Venti. (I saw that spoilers on reddit I did not do the main story yet)

I have to say Venti is
husbando for Aether :P Aether is the waifu it's his hair 💭
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