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Venti: Skyward Sonnet


Venti is how old? it's over a thousand

Diluc?  How old are you?
If the voice is not Diluc who is it?

Barbatos creates its form based on the appearance of this boy.
The red head guy in this story IS Diluc? 💭 OR Diluc family?
Diluc has a history with Jean I would think that they did date long time ago but it never worked out.
Dilcu would look good with Lumine

I knew there WAS something between Diluc and Venti they are old old old old friends?

If we got all the gods of all the elements what is Diluc?

Diluc might be a divine? 💭

We know that Venti do drink and he is way older then the Aether

Maybe that's why Venti responded to the Aether, Venti might be aware of what Lumine is doing but Venti wants the Aether to deal with her.

It can be possible Venti did fight Lumine before Lumine knows about Venti she don't like him.

Why do the gods take noticed in Aether? He won't age like the normal people of that world maybe that's why they give him power?

Maybe that's why Venti showed himself to Aether? And becomes part of the group if you pull him?

The other possibility is Aether and Lumine might become Divine of that world and can't go home.

If you watch that story trailer it almost hints that Aether story IS at it's end that means no going to other worlds and one door remains.

Maybe in order to save Lumine. Aether will become a divine of that world? And Lumine will have to make up what she did and go with Diluc around the world and save people regain her humanity that she lost? (Theory)

There is a reason why Aether is getting all the elements the gods might be preparing Aether to become a divine of that world. (theory)

This gives me more reason to ship Venti with Aether now.

What the twins are the heirs and that hints Lumine being evil?

You remember that island in the sky pic? Maybe that it

Kingdom of the Heavens it was hinted at the twins had light powers.

Now do you see the story?

The gods are helping Aether to become more divine.
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