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Pokémon Masters Team (Vol. 14) is out and small update.


importance on sync pairs’ relationships with each other and have skills activate based on team themes, so we hope theme skills give you a chance to explore sync pairs’ relationships on a deeper level.

>>relationships on a deeper level.  👀

Summer Steven went from this to

This Summer Steven got a new pose ❤️

Halloween Hilbert and Acerola
Both *cough*

>>This has to be a major tease
>> use your imagination
>> the way he move his hips what do you think?
>>Now this comes a fan fiction time 💭

I was not trying to get her

She come free I used one 🎫 to get her

I'm now a 花婿フェイト main finally after all this time I was maining フェイト he is fun but 花婿フェイト is more fun.

花婿フェイト 💙

That a small update on my phone games and Pokémon Masters Team (Vol. 14) is out

>>relationships on a deeper level.

That got my attention.

it may be the start of romance like how SOA has it romance

I'm playing my phone games I'm also playing Genshin Impact.

happy halloween 🎃
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