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.Hack//Link for the PSP.


I thought to let you know they are going to make .Hack//Link for the PSP with a whole Other Story yeah so fair we got the bad guys (Schicksal)=シックザール and we got the Hero's
Tokio (トキオ) the Main Hero (Nooo) his side kick Panzer Saika (PANZER 彩花) his Princess Who Wants the Chrono Cores, and Tsukasa And Subaru (They changed Subaru design) Atoli and Haseo Who is reduced to this 1st outfit (Dame it) and Ovan who is alive (Who might be evil) And Azure Kite who is marked as 'Tri-Edge' and Tabby and Silver Knight and Alkaid who (Hair reminds me of a child) and from .Hack//Cell is Midori (碧)and .hack//AI buster Albireo (アルビレオ)and The Original Kite and Balmung so fair and it all going to be on the PSP
Here see for you're self!

.Hack Link PSP01.
PSP baby~! a Fan girl dream come true this time around I hope Azure Kite meets up with his Other half lol assume Haseo still think Azure Kite is Tri-Edge yeah I was shocked this Was Out my sources are from I'm Glade I bought a PSP I still Waiting For This AND Final Fantasy Dissidia this new .Hack//Link game well give me insight on my Fan Fiction I well Import it if I must so yeah I'm happy about this newly info I can't wait For More info on this they should of done this before in G.U. since this story is Going to be completely different story I don't even know if G.U. universe exist in this new PSP Game it might not I wanted it to be on the PS2 to so I can Convert G.U. game and get extra stuff but it looks like it not going that way *Sigh* well What Else can you do? hope you enjoy this picture of the newly game!.

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