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The new Idol event SOA [JP]


フェイト!  💙 Omg his music video is フェイト singing and him playing as himself in SO3 game.

Not only that フェイト saved himself 👀 all the フェイト are all different フェイト 💭

I'm pulling for this new フェイト got to have them all

No winter フェイト if we are getting idol フェイト

I'll update this post win more info and my pulls come.

アイドルフェイト song to フェイト I'm getting a Kaito Vocaloid vibe going on with all the フェイト duplicate

the tension that フェイト had with 花婿フェイト and now アイドルフェイト is here this is going to be very interesting.

is this a love song to フェイト?  I like his voice and his singing they did a good job on this.

spoilers SO3 has a plot twist at the very end and now アイドルフェイト power can break into Multiple Realities

This is very rena and her emotions for claude

she did a good job on this one.

spoilers rena and cluade are a couple if you played SO2
look at his family tree

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