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Star ocean MMO? the survey [JP]


To star ocean 6 to a crossover star ocean game to a MMO what are you doing?

Get in the game and do this Survey if you had not check it out do so.

think PSO2 but with star ocean theme true to the star ocean name.

you got time to do the
Survey please do.

Star ocean as a MMO? I'll play it

they also listed remakes and

SO3 remake for PS5.

if you had not done the survey login game and do it now.

I told them what I want are you going to tell them what you want?

in order to do this survey you must be playing スターオーシャン アナムネシス/Star Ocean Anamnesis JP only login the game and click the banner it will take you into the survey.

You want SO6? you want a remake? you want a MMO? to get a group and fight Luther in the MMO tell them what you want.

Now is the time to check out スターオーシャン アナムネシス/Star Ocean Anamnesis and do the survey 🎉

#Survery, #Starocean, #StaroceanMMO, #MMO,

If you have are having a hard time doing the survery join the star ocean anamnesis facebook.
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