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Final Fantasy Dissidia E3 2009.


I'm so happy about FF Dissidia but one troubles me is the voice acting if you allow me to Show you this...

Huh -Hero Original game Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Warrior of Light Final Fantasy Toshihiko Seki Grant George[9]
Firion Final Fantasy II Hikaru Midorikawa Johnny Yong Bosch
Onion Knight Final Fantasy III Jun Fukuyama TBA
Cecil Harvey Final Fantasy IV Shizuma Hodoshima Yuri Lowenthal
Bartz Klauser Final Fantasy V Sōichirō Hoshi TBA
Terra Branford Final Fantasy VI Yukari Fukui TBA
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII Takahiro Sakurai Steve Burton
Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII Hideo Ishikawa TBA
Zidane Tribal Final Fantasy IX Romi Park Sam Riegel
Tidus Final Fantasy X Masakazu Morita James Arnold Taylor[10]
Shantotto Final Fantasy XI Megumi Hayashibara TBA
Cosmos Dissidia: Final Fantasy Sumi Shimamoto TBA
Illustration of Chaos with ten of the eleven villains, by Yoshitaka Amano.
Villain Original game Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Garland Final Fantasy Kenji Utsumi TBA
The Emperor Final Fantasy II Kenyu Horiuchi TBA
Cloud of Darkness Final Fantasy III Masako Ikeda TBA
Golbez Final Fantasy IV Takeshi Kaga TBA
Exdeath Final Fantasy V Tarō Ishida TBA
Kefka Palazzo Final Fantasy VI Shigeru Chiba TBA
Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII Toshiyuki Morikawa TBA
Ultimecia Final Fantasy VIII Atsuko Tanaka TBA
Kuja Final Fantasy IX Akira Ishida TBA
Jecht Final Fantasy X Masuo Amada Gregg Berger[11]
Gabranth Final Fantasy XII Akio Ohtsuka TBA
Chaos Final Fantasy Norio Wakamoto TBA-

So that means Johnny Yong Bosch a.k.a. Kuhn and Yuri Lowenthal a.k.a. Haseo Are going to Be in the game not too happy well here the thing you know I'm A FAN Girl right?! So I was thinking about Putting Cloud and Firion tougher since some people put WOL with Cecil *Cough*
Beside Kuhn's voice actor dose not sound a good Firion I was expecting someone like Steve Staley or something but I well not Bit** about it anyhow there well Be Yaoi in this Maybe I well do a Fan Fiction Crossover but I already brought a Yaoi FF D Doujinshi on E-bay hopefully it Yaoi I'm not too sure sadly no new .Hack Doujinshi yet But now that I think About it Cloud and Cecil made a cute couple to that if he can get over his Brother lol JK
And Cloud goes well with Terra to shame Terra the only girl in the game right? How about Squall and Bartz? Bartz would be the Uke too many Cloud and Sephiroth want to try Something new ugh I'm random about Slash couples now! sorry about that enjoy the movie!.

Anime- Gode Gease R2 ending. Song-Waga_Routashi_Aku_no_Hana By- Ali Project full ver.

You don't have to DL if you don't want to! thanks for listing to me!.

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