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Was this fate?


this games out at the same time スターオーシャン アナムネシス dies?

Time to work on my idol fate in PSO2 for new genesis

I got the outfit that somewhat looks like it.

I got the hair now I need to find a ear blue feather thing or just a blue feather to put on the side.

I had broken sleep last night is this what SE do? They close one of there games and the funds go into another game?

Is Star ocean going get another chance? As SE see it? We don't know they may mark this as a thing that they might not want to touch again.

That is the sad reality we must face this might be the last Star Ocean game T_T

The offline ver gives us the closure we need but it won't be the same they are giving lot to do in the game right now win the offline ver comes it going to be less what it is unless they give us a way to fight in battles we will have to wait and see.

Now players are going to have to go to twitter and tell SE they want a real star ocean game maybe SO6 will be another phone game?

Or be like GI that you can play on PC and Phone? The downfall was to this game they never put it on PC win they had the chance to they never pushed for it.

June comes the season of weddings and the end of SOA and the start of New Genesis.

Just think of it this way SOA gave it life for New Genesis a MMO that you may make SOA characters in.

SOA will always be around as long as you have it on you're phone or ipad it won't be the same just think of it this way the captain got his retirement in June and is taking it easy with just saying hello to his husbando and waifu on the touchscreen you can dream of where they went to live in retirement.

The captain is in retirement they only fight win they need to and they spend the day taking it easy.

This is going to make Fate very restless since he has the need to fight due to the powers he has that might actvate his need for something else then fighting *cough* Hint hint hint take hint and do a story on this.

the more I spend time with all the fate's this tells me Idol fate he don't like to fight that much compared to fate, Idol fate is more taking it easy and he just want the captain to touch him *cough* talk to him.

so Idol fate is perfect for the offline ver I don't do Auto-battles no more O_O I stop doing them long time ago Groom fate is smooth to fight as Idol fate he protest to fighting and he don't like me trying to make him fight he loves to throw his body at the screen.

Overall Idol Fate don't like to fight he is so perfect for the offline ver we are going to get.

If I did not have Idol fate I would of main groom fate but I am a Idol fate main I'll always be a Idol fate main and Idol fate is the last of the fate's that was made and for some reason sophia and maria kept talking all the other weapons so that fate always had a sword >_>

I can just see it

"Hey did you see that weapon I was going to start using?" Fate
"No did you sophia?" Maria
"N-No uh oh boy" Sophia say as behind her a lot of weapons fall out
"...." Fate says as his eyes look at them in disbelief as Sophia wave her hand
"No it nothing we just collecting them for someone else!" Sophia says
right behind maria was all the other weapons that wasn't a sword as Fate *groin* at this
"Fine I get I'm going to see what the captain is doing" Fate grumbled as he leaves them both
"Phew that was very close" Sophia says with a uneasy smile
"Now lets hide all these weapons so Fate can't use them" Maria says smiling
"right" Sophia says

And that how Fate, Groom fate, SRF fate, Godwing fate and Idol fate got stuck with a sword type weapons the captain did not mind as the captain thought fate had a obsession with swords along with fate obsession with retro games and the captain and being lazy and somewhat working with his dad.

The story thoughts that are going in my mind now.

But out the males fate had the most alts of characters and players love him the most.

PSO2 NEW GENESIS is coming out so I might move onto that game and right now I'm going to look for items for my Idol fate for PSO2 NEW GENESIS and play that  game win it comes out.

What are you guys going to play? Are you guys going to keep SOA or drop it?

I'm keeping all my accounts all of them and I'm going to talk them win the offline ver comes.

Do you think star ocean will get another game or is this end of star ocean?

Star ocean is going to be in my heart and I'm not going to stop talking about it or showing off my accounts and it time for players to take to twitter and let them know you want star ocean 6 you want a crossover game you want a MMO start talking about what you want.

keep pushing for SO6 is you want to see that keep pushing for that MMO you want.

Like they said star ocean is not dead it up to us the players to ask for a new game.

Time for me to go into PSO2 and look for items for my Idol fate and work on some fan fanfiction oh boy I got a lot of ideas now. 📃
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