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🎶SOA let's talk about Idol Fate. [JP] 💙🎶


Now his Bio hints that he don't want any pic of him in his idol outfit being shown if you played his event he says he don't anyone from his school to see him in his idol outfit and he faints at the very thought of someone from his school seeing him in his idol outfit he also says he looking cold at Albel in his event so it safe to say Idol Fate dislikes Albel for some reason? Why would Idol Fate say that?? He says that he worried about what the girls and Cliff thinks of him singing and dancing and he says he looking coldly at Albel.

"No I'm looking at Albel with very cold eyes......!"

"On the day when my idol figure is leaked out to the internet and is seen by my college friends......"

My theory is Fate and Albel never work in SOA timeline they never clicked Fate was drawn to the captain it so obvious and Albel was drawn to someone else and they just become rivals in the events Maria and Sophia did push there love onto Fate who never responded to them like that. 💬

Fate become a Idol to save the Idol girls from the repeat events going on he also did it win the captain look that helpless I'm starting to think that Fate and Sophia events was all a show there is one event win fate calls the captain 'you' there name it's only win they are alone.

from the very start of this game fate has always been drawn to you the 'captain' it would of stayed like that if the sophia fans did not take to twitter.
that's only for events the way Idol fate talks to you on touchscreen that is a different story.

It almost like the events are for show but on touchscreen win you are alone with Idol Fate he shows you how much he loves you that love is only for them not for anyone else to see that's how Fate wants it. 👀

however if you have him he really get into the role play as Idol Fate only for the MC he will role play as Idol Fate. Yes fate role plays as Idol fate for the captain what is that saying?? 💙 Wait fate is into role-playing? 📄 "フェイト 彼はロールプレイに夢中です!?" "彼はキャプテンを喜ばせるためにロールプレイするだけです" 🖤

"Captain did you enjoy the stage? if you get excited I win." Captain did you get turned on? I win 💙

if you got Idol Fate he only stays as Idol Fate if you have him and keeps up the act for his Captain but he is still Fate and he has all the other lines that Fate himself has it looks like all Fate's have this line to say

"My mother is a Scientist, but since I/we got married I've been working with my dad." 💙

in this timeline his dad IS alive it almost like Fate is reminding the player they are married like don't you dare look at anyone else.

do you see the way his eyes look? Very serious look if you ask me 👀 Fate eyes only look like that win he feels a intense emotions due to his powers.

if you romance Fate this line will come up if you talk to him.

remember win I told you Idol Fate don't like to fight? It's true I'm thinking he don't want anyone to see him in his Idol outfit and win you are sync with him he just wants the Captain 'You' the player to look at him and no one else.

And if you have Idol Fate and is sync with him fully Fate is willing to stay as a Idol for the player 'you' if you listen to his song win he says "Ethereal Blast!!!" that all Fate frustration on being a Idol and losing a game not just any game SO3 retro game that Idol Fate is playing himself O_O

Fun fact in this game you can have all Fate party. why would Fate put himself as Idol Fate and allow the captain to see him like this all the time if Fate don't want anyone from his school to see him like this? it the captain Idol Fate will allow 'you' to see him like this and Fate role plays as Idol Fate to please 'you'.

From what I saw with all Fate party they like to knock one another back they turn and stare at the screen at 'you' and they don't like Groom Fate for some reason I think he the 'Groom' ver of Fate who married you maybe that's why they dislike him more?? Idk.

they all do fight for you 'the captain' a lot and I see they don't go near Idol Fate at all it almost like they are afraid of him or something.

This is my talk about Idol Fate.

Hmm Godwing Fate or Groom Fate for the next talk? ❓ We will see for next time. 
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