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歌星フェイト return 🎶


歌星フェイト return 🎶

*ahem* ドキドキ 歌星フェイト 彼は船長が大好きです!🎶
            Doki doki  Idol fate He loves the captain!  🎶

making youtube vidoes are something new

I'm going to do a story about them that's for sure but I'm thinking...not under this name I've told you before right? asukai is not my real name, Asuka and Kai was out of two characters I liked and put them together one was a gaming character and the other was a anime character 🙃

don't worry I will do stories that are other works like 'persona' and 'tales' on this account

but my love for SOA and my love for 歌星フェイト and his alts will never fade.

some sad news today I've...fallen out of love with .hack I tried to get back into playing G.U. on steam it never work...the lack of having a new game or a full remake of .hack not g.u. and the same excuse from CC2 it just...💔 what dose it mean for twilight_light? I'm going to have to 💬 about it

If E3 comes around and CC2 has something new that is .hack that might pull me back in if not they will never make a new .hack or remake game.

歌星フェイト return 🎶 if you are a new player now is the time to re-roll. my 'Luna' account I'm am rolling the gems down I think 歌星フェイト might take my gems maybe I was thinking I might save some gems if they did a new フェイト I'm still holding out hope 💬

E3 is coming do you think star ocean show up? Do you think SE is making a new star ocean game? 🤔

next up is 花婿フェイト  I'm working on his video right now. 💙 that going to be with his pulls that I did do on 'Luna' account.

my pulls on my alts フェイト still comes I do have alt accounts in SOA you know the farming is real without the gems that 'luna' has I can feel the 'farming'.

The banners are up 歌星フェイト return 🎶 so now is the time to re-roll if you are going to get good characters.

No word on the offline ver yet I hope we get offline battles or they sell this game on PC and Console and by the looks of it JP on twitter some people have no gems to roll for the banners that are out and they are...upset.

Now is the time to farm and re-roll if you have not done that yet and if you done everything and have a high rank and have no gems and did the story you might be out of luck.

Star ocean 3 remake yes I'll buy it "PS5用スターオーシャン3リメイク 買うわ。"
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