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Quizy time What couple ARE U??.


So yeah 1st try and I've got MikamiXLight X_X and it says "You are very obsessive, or you have an obsessive personality. You have a high respect for your idol, and have that take over your life. You're very obedient, and understanding when you're given something you need to do" Ahhh I've become Kira's followers! JK (Sorry to offend Death Note lovers) the 2nd one I've Tried I've Got LXNear -_-;; let's forget about that one yeah I was a little bored tonight so yeah I am now a Death Note Fan (Taken too long for me to become one) I blame that on my mom she loves Anime and she watched DN lol but yeah this Quiz is kind of fun So yeah this past some kind of time hehe...see you guys/girls later.

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