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The day is Long ways to come.


I just found out something Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days AND Dissidia Final Fantasy ARE Both going To be out on August 25, 2009 and AT Amazon you can bundle and save get both about $65.98 with the cost of shipping and I well get both so it seems and they are going to be on the PSP but I did here rumors that Disgaea 3 cannot switch to PSP it size from the PS3 but dose that mean they Can Switch it to XBox360 so that why they added Secret to unlock but it not a secret no more hehe

Spoilers Beware!

Yeah you can unlock Disgaea 3 in the new Disgaea 2 Dark Hero PSP game it from them saying
"Sorry we can't put Disgaea 3 on the PSP so we'll bring Disgaea 3 to Disgaea 2 Dark hero" But yeah how would this work? Mao and his group are from the future and how is he going to fit in this Game? All I seen so fair they arrive on meteors. but safe to say I well be hacking my PSP Win I get the English one or I can spend hours trying to unlock them so yeah I think I well be Getting both of them I love both games!.

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